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I have the concentration of a hummingbird today. Therefore I shall work on the departmental billing. On their heads be it – I am not math-enabled, so why they give me accountant type stuff is completely beyond me.

Spamalot was a lot of fun, but definitely past my bedtime. I’ve gotten really pathetic that way lately. It was an interesting show. Definitely pitched to the people who were familiar with the movie. I can see that if you’re not a Monty Python fan that the whole thing would be a little incoherent. In pursuit of that thought, I’m loaning my DVD of the movie to my boss. She’s going on Saturday, and has never seen the movie. Other than that, she’s a very nice lady – really!

I can’t believe that there is *another* pet food recall – one of the so called natural brands this time. Still melamine, but this time in the rice protein. Nestle says that they don’t use rice protein, so the Fancy Feast without wheat gluten is probably still fine. I checked O&M’s website, and while their dry has brown rice and white rice, they say that their ingredients all originate in the United States and Canada. For the moment I’m taking them at their word, and I’m really glad that I switched to this expensive, inconvenient mail order brand. It’s enough to make me wonder about the human food that’s coming from China.

The technology front is moving along. Luddite that I am, I just don’t enjoy this stuff. The new battery for the laptop is on its way. According to FedEx, it left Memphis at 4:30 yesterday. I paid for Ground, so I don’t know if it’s on a plane or a truck. Given that I haven’t seen a note of its arrival at Bradley airport, I’m assuming it’s on a truck. So that’s in progress, and swapping out the battery is easy. I also called AT&T and ordered DSL. I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off. Probably because it was someone else pushing something that I didn’t really want. But I had actually managed to educate myself sufficiently to have a useful call with the salesperson, know what I wanted, and only get the stuff that I wanted. So the DSL should be live on Monday, the modem is on its way to me via UPS, and once it’s up and running I have the phone number to call so that I can retain my WorldNet account. That makes the project for Sunday taking the case off of the desktop to install the new data port that will connect to the router. Then I can start plugging in modems and wireless routers, and all that good stuff. Unlike "Linksys G" whose wireless DSL I’ve been pirating with the laptop, I will pass code my wireless.

So – on to the billing. My absolute *favorite* thing.

Did I mention that my parents have invited themselves up for an inspection tour not this weekend, but next? I think I’d better clean the oven.


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