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Anticipation, and a Grumpy Cat

 Actually, "pissed off" is probably more accurate.  That leg must hurt, because she's MAD.  Stalking around the house growling.  Before climing the stairs, she growled and hissed at them.  This is a really pissed off cat.  And if the other cat doesn't stop bouncing around wanting her to play, I think she's going to kick his ass all the way back to Canterbury.  But her appetite is fine and she purred for me this morning from her hidey-hole under the fabric shelves.

But in other news, I made the hotel reservations for I-Con (otherwise known as the freak show,) and I'm very excited.  We're in the same hotel as merimask, and I always enjoy spending time with her.  This year I'll actually take some pictures to post.  Last year I was a little too aghast, and frankly there weren't many who were picture-worthy.  I expect to hang out, gossip, watch the show go by, and decimate lobsters.  Oh - and I also anticipate not seeing much of my husband.  Now that we know what we're up against, we can plan a little better.

On the other hand, I'm even *more* unimpressed with this con's organization than I was last year.  I know it's student run, but that's no excuse for incompetence.  The website still says that directions from the ferry for CT/New England attendees are "coming soon."  As far as I can tell, it has said that for years.  It has definitely said that since February of 2007...  It still doesn't tell you where on the site the con is - the directions just dump you at the entrances to the campus - there isn't even an indication of which entrance (i.e. side of the campus) you need.  Luckily, this year we already know where we're going, so since the con is structured exclusively for people who already have this information and don't actually need it, we'll be okay.  I anticipate that the "con book" will again be a four color glossy photo album of the assorted guests with a photocopied list of activities that are not described anywhere and don't have directions on how to find them.

It's *really* badly run.  But I get to spend two whole days with friends that I only see at Pennsic otherwise, Bob gets to play Battletech for hours, and I get to have lobster for dinner.  That's worth putting up with some aggravation.

THAT part I'm really looking forward to.


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Mar. 14th, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
Poor kitty! That sounds so weird. Does she have an abcess or something? Keep an eye on her.

Yay I-Con! Though I have to tell you...I'm spoiled by my overhead-to-income ratio that I get on Etsy & a bit appalled at what this event costs me! The intangibles make up for it though...I am REALLY looking forward to hanging out & gossiping with you. Also...lobsters beware! I intend to be good and sick of lobsters by the time I go home. ;-)

Can't wait!! ^__^

Mar. 15th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
I think I *might* have found the boo-boo spot - there's a spot close to her hip that she hissed at me when I first touched it, and she got really grumpy with me when I kept after it. I'm going to go over the whole leg every night, and pay particular attention to it. The vet said that if it's an abcess we won't know until we can feel it and she starts to run a fever.

But let me tell you - when it was dinner time she headed over there with no sign of a limp! I'm watching her.

In the last few years I've gotten kind of numb to hotel prices. Of course, we can only stay the two nights and I'm sure I'd feel differently if I had to double that cost! But I'm really looking forward to spending time with you guys. It's a treat that I'm promising myself.
Mar. 15th, 2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
Poor kitty... :(

Hey Eloise. I stopped in here because I wanted to thank you for the contact information. Our realtor has been trying to push for us to use her office's contacts, and in light of our relationship with her (I kid you not, she tried to sell us a house with an oil burner that was filling the basement with SMOKE earlier this week), I think we'd be better off going through our personal contacts. :) I will give "Dr. Doom" a call, if he's listed in the yellow pages.

We had originally planned on attending I-CON this weekend, but if we have to give it up for the house inspection, we will. Closing date is April 11 - the Friday before DeCoronation. We're trying to get this moved - but I'm not relying on the realtor or seller's cooperation in pushing it back at least 1 week. If we do go, we're daytripping it, and I will be in wench mode.... Something I haven't done in ages....

Merrimask - I understand about the con's fees. I'm advertising my own Etsy business in the pocket schedule, which is much more affordable. Not the same as actively setting up a booth, but still, it's a start. (At least it's not like eBay shaving off 13% commission off of every item sold...).

Again, thanks Eloise. :)
Mar. 15th, 2008 03:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks - I feel really bad for her. Times like this I really wish there was a way to ask her what's wrong.

You're very welcome for the info. We went through two realtors - our first one passed us off when she had family issues come up that didn't allow her to give us as much attention as she felt she should - and they were both great. We got the inspector through them, but he'd also done the inspections for two of the lawyers I work with, and they both loved him - he actually blew up two sales for one of the guys in my office. Very professional, very pleasant, very easy to work with. I also liked the septic and pest inspection companies that he brought in.

Stop by and say hi if you make it to I-Con. Dorigen will be off playing Battletech, but I'll pretty much be camped out at Merimask's booth for the whole time. She's not far off the bottom of the stairs.

Good luck with the inspection/closing/etc.
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