kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Slightly less worried...

There is nothing horrible wrong that we're aware of.  Of course, the vet isn't sure what's wrong.

He examined and manipulated that leg and those joints in fashions that I wasn't sure it was natural for it to bend.  So here's what it's not:

An infection (no fever)
Nothing is broken.
The leg and pads are warm, so it's not a clot.
None of the tendons or ligaments are torn or out of place.

Of course, at the vet's office she wouldn't limp.  But he could see that she wasn't loading any weight on the leg.  The problem is that she wasn't giving him any pain indications, so we couldn't localize beyond the right hind leg.  So for now, we're going to go with what he calls "benign neglect" - wait and see.  If it gets better, great.  If it gets worse, or fails to get better, we'll do more testing.  She was due for her yearly health screen in two months anyhow, so they took blood today and they'll check for anything systemic.

The vet speculates that perhaps when the two of them were tussling last night (and there was some hissing and growling at the top of the stairs) that she fell or got knocked about and either bruised or strained something.  That sort of soft tissue damage wouldn't be detectable.  If that's the case, it should go away on it's own.  On the other hand, if he bit her, we won't know until the abcess forms.

But it seems that this is more in the nature of an injury than an illness.  In this case, that's good.

Perhaps I'll eat a muffin this evening so that she can have some for a treat.


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