kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,


Am I at work earning my paycheck?  Nope.  I'm sitting at home, burning half a vacation day, waiting to go to the vet.  By the time I would have gotten to the office I would have had time to log in, glance at my email, and then turn around and leave.  This morning Bob noticed that Nishka wasn't moving well, and after dragging her out from behind the futon (never a good sign when they hide) we could see that she is seriously limping on her right hind leg.  We lost Tashi so quickly that we're both really paranoid, so we're getting her to the vet this morning.

Of course, when I went upstairs to check on her (I've got them locked into the spare bedroom/bathroom so that I won't have to hunt the entire house for her in thirty minutes), she's on the bed sleeping in the sunbeam.  Which means that she has to have jumped up onto the bed.  So now I feel a little foolish - it's not a good week for missing work.  I'm going to miss todays staff meeting, and I'm going to miss a few hours tomorrow for some appointments.  But by the time you see a cat ailing, there's usually something fairly wrong.

I hope it's nothing serious.  Completely aside from the fact that this is a bad time for large vet bills, the furballs are part of the family.  Hopefully I can follow up from work this afternoon with good news.

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