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Woohoo! Second appointment and I’m feeling much better about things. I think a large part of it is that because I don’t have any bad habits that are changeable at this point, there’s just nothing to talk about. They can’t tell me to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop abusing drugs, etc., so it just is what it is. In some ways, that’s pretty cool. It’s too late to do anything about the weight or the blood pressure, although I am making an effort to eat well.

Blood pressure was better, since I didn’t start my day all stressed out from freakish stressful dreams like I did for the last appointment. But the funny thing is the next test I have to do. Because the blood pressure is a touch high to start with, it puts me at greater risk for preeclampsia. The way they detect its onset is by a sudden jump of protein in the urine. So first, they have to know what my personal "normal" baseline is. So I need to provide them with a 24 hour urine sample. I’ve got a contraption that sits in the toilet to collect, and what looks for all the world like a giant industrial sized Creamora bottle for storage. This is going to be the strangest thing I have ever dropped off anywhere, and after 20 years in the SCA, that’s saying something. I couldn’t stop giggling. It’s probably just the first in a long series of humiliating steps.

We also got to hear the fetal heartbeat with the fancy Doppler stethoscope. That was very cool, and I’m really glad Bob was able to make it to the appointment to hear that.

Friday we meet with genetics, and then have the first ultrasound to screen for Down’s. I’m going to have to fight with Cigna – the doctor insists on doing the accompanying quad screen blood test there, because it’s variable and easy to screw up. Cigna only wants me to go to Qwest. I figure we’ll have the blood screen done at UConn, and argue with Cigna later. This one is way too important to screw around with – if necessary I’ll pay for it myself.

Now if only I could keep my damn eyes open...

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