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Some useful news

Holy shit, this is amusing.

First things first, however. Wendy (the nurse) called from the doctor’s office late yesterday afternoon to go over the labs with me. She was very nice, very helpful, and very informative. So I need to take back several unkind things I’d been thinking about them. Obviously, I need to cultivate the nurses. This does not come as a surprise. No surprises in the blood work either. I’m negative for all the nasty diseases, immune to rubella (lets hear it for all those childhood vaccinations!) and not a carrier for cystic fibrosis. I was surprised to find out that I am not immune to toxoplasmosis, but Wendy said that it’s actually fairly uncommon despite all the fuss. So no litter box duty for me, and I should wear gloves to garden. The results for Tay-Sachs haven’t come back yet. But if it comes up on the computer as "normal" it will mean that I’m not a carrier. I don’t really expect to be.

Then last night when I got home I called Cigna to enroll in Disney’s "Maternity Matters" program. It gets me some more literature, and might count for something when I start needing to arrange stuff at work. I love working for a company big enough that Cigna has dedicated operators just for us – or dedicated phone lines at the very least. The lady on the phone at Cigna was great. We ran through the questionnaire for the program, and then I picked her brain about the whole global billing thing. She was able to explain how that will pan out from Cigna’s end and what will happen when I get hit with all the bills at one shot. She was also able to give me enough insight into how it would all interact with my flexible healthcare spending account that I didn’t feel like I needed to call PayFlex afterwards. I’m comfortable with all the insurance related stuff now, and that’s a big relief.

Here’s the amusing part. Here in the legal department, the department policy is (supposedly) that we can only put in for our vacation a quarter ahead at a time. It was stated that this was to avoid the land rush for the holidays, and so that we would know if we actually HAD anyone here at the holidays. Unfortunately as so often happens, management pronounced their "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots," and then declined to actually manage the process. So the people this was aimed at are proceeding as usual. There are four legal assistants. One position is currently open. The other two girls have already put in for their vacations during the holidays, secure in the knowledge that I never rock the boat, and I’m always here. Except I won’t be. Go ahead – try to tell me that I can’t be out on short term disability. This is going to turn into a horror show. My only regret is that I won’t be here to see it.

Now I just need to find a midwife, and start making my lists.

Oh, and happy birthday to me.
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