kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Gestation Ruminations

I've never been excited about a doctor's appointment before, but I am about this one.  I'm also worried.  The biggest thing?  It's stupid, but I haven't gone to a male doctor since before I was fourteen when my pediatrician retired and moved to Florida.  The assorted conversations that I'm going to need to have with two males and no other females in the room is just a little uncomfortable, even if one of them IS my husband, with all that implies.

Know what?  I need to GET OVER IT.

I've got a whole list of questions, although I feel like it should be longer.  I don't know if I'm too ignorant to ask the right questions, or if I've read enough to be reasonably well informed in general.  I won't be able to ask specific questions until I hear their specific concerns about me.

I'm tired, and it's no fun.  Not incapacitated, just irritated.  I'm told this will pass, it's just a matter of waiting.  I hope I'm not too far behind by the time that happens.

Other than that, feeling good.

I feel like I need that t-shirt: "On a cellular level, I'm really very busy" 

Oh - the acne.  WHAT THE HELL?  This process isn't indignity causing enough?
Tags: baby

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