kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

It's Raining

I hear you all saying "duh!"  But I mean it's raining *inside.*  It's raining in the hall just outside of my cube.  It's raining in my boss' office.  I'm told it's raining upstairs in a corner of Affiliate Sales & Marketing.  I've stolen every recycling bin in the department to put under the drips.  It sounds like a babbling brook in my cube right now.

The roof of this building has leaked ever since we moved in here in 2001, so this is nothing new.  But it's never been this bad.  The new maintenance company (the owners sold the building to new people with new maintenance folks on January 1) is here, and is doing the best they can.  Right now that means that they're vacuuming up the mess where the sodden ceiling tiles fell in, and wet vacuuming up as much water as they can.  They're emptying the bins, which are filling up frighteningly quickly.  But until it stops raining and they can get a roofing contractor out to look at what's going on up there - all they can do empty the bins and vacuum the water out of the carpet.

I'm glad that I got all of the paper off of my boss' desk before that tile broke and crashed down.  Right now the desk has been shoved back towards the wall and covered with plastic.  I've emailed her with my recommendation that she work from home this afternoon as well.

I really wish you could hear it in here - it really sounds like I'm outside in the pouring rain.  At this point I just have to laugh at the whole thing.  It's funny, in an appalling sort of way.


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