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Domesticity is overrated

Last weekend was so busy that it kind of flowed over into this week. Friday was a vacation day for Bob, so I took the day off also. First we slept in, and then we had a leisurely breakfast, which is always a luxury. After that, we headed out. The first trip was to Watertown to see if we could find the David Brown Book Company. We did finally find them, but disappointingly, they were closed. Being Good Friday I had anticipated that was a possibility. But at least now we know where they are, so the trip wasn’t a waste. That was the recreational stop of the day. After that it was house errands.

Next was a plumbing fixtures supply store in Middletown in the ongoing search for a medicine cabinet. We got there about 12:30, and the place looked abandoned. But the sign said they were open until 1:00, and the door was open. So we went in and looked around. They didn’t have much, and there wasn’t an employee anywhere to be found. We got done browsing, and just as we were heading out, someone appeared from upstairs (where we had been hearing children.) She seemed VERY startled, and rather displeased to find us in the showroom. Thirty minutes we’d been there. We could have robbed the place blind. We got a very terse "can I help you?" while being herded towards the door. I was NOT impressed.

From there we headed to CT Lighting Center to purchase the second outdoor fixture. I had been sure that we were going to want the larger version of what we purchased last week for the front door, but after squinting at it in place, one size really does fit all in this case. While we’re hanging around waiting for the salesman we’d previously dealt with, I hear a familiar voice ask "Kris?" It turned out to be a guy I worked with back at Moore Response Marketing Services from 1989 or so to early 1996. I left to move to Syracuse with Bob, and he left to work at Reader’s Digest. I came back to CT, and apparently he went back to Moore (at about the same time, it sounds like.) He caught me up on the people I’d known, came up to date on what we were up to, and we did a little reminiscing about the old office. He’s still with Moore – 20 years. But now he’s commuting from Southbury, CT down to NYC every day. I couldn’t do it. I think I got the better deal, in the long run. His wife seems very nice which makes me happy, because he was a really nice guy. The odd part is that I had just been thinking about all those people a couple of months ago, and had actually been looking at the company web site. Since Donnelly bought them out it’s a completely different company than the one I knew. Also, it’s apparently a very small world.

We collected our light, made a few more stops, and headed home. Then Bob made a mistake – he went to the store and left me alone. He should know better. Last time he did something like that I’d picked up the crowbar and disassembled a quarter of the wet bar by the time he came back. There’s been this spot on the ugly wallpaper in the half bath where a corner is visibly overlapped. At eye level. I’ve been chanting "I will not pick at the wallpaper" like a mantra for weeks. Self-control? Nope. He got home and I was standing in a pile of wallpaper. It just peeled off the wall! How cool is that? Honestly, it’s brighter in there with the old primer than it was before I started peeling, which tells me that my painting plans should work out well. I’ll still need to go after the walls with Dif to get the glue off, but then I can prime. It’s so exciting. I’ve decided that I want to add a light fixture over the mirror that I’m going to put up over the sink, so we’ll need to figure that out. But it shouldn’t be TOO complicated to pull wires up to there from the switch. Right? I foresee another large hole in my future...

Saturday we got a slightly earlier start and headed up to the last plumbing supply place on the list, in Vernon. Huge showroom. Really neat stuff. Really expensive stuff. Oh, for an unlimited budget. I found a medicine cabinet that I liked. Bob liked it too. Turns out it is a $1,300 fixture. $1,300! For a medicine cabinet!!! I wasn’t planning to spend that much for a vanity! Good grief... After that we stopped at Home Depot for a reality check. They actually have a medicine cabinet on their special order wall that we like for under $200. I really wanted something I could pick up in a box off the shelf and buy right now, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. The other thing that isn’t going to happen is finding one that will fit in between the existing sconces. The space is just too narrow – about 23" center to center. So we’ve made a plan. We’re going to pick out new light fixtures – two new sconces, and a new multi-light bar that will be over the top of the cabinet (there isn’t anything there right now.) We’re going to order the medicine cabinet. Then I’m going to take down most of that wall. We’ll move the sconces further out, install a new junction box for the new light across the top, and be able to run the wires neatly and install any necessary headers to attach the new junction boxes to. Then I’ll have one huge patch instead of a bunch of little ones. That’s the plan. All that’s left is the money and the drywall dust.

Sunday was Easter down at my parents. Dad and Bob amused themselves while Mom and I went through boxes of old Longton family pictures. She had done a rough sort already, and I went through to sort them into piles for my brother and I. That was fun. We didn’t finish though, because my eyes glazed over at some point. I brought home two bags of family pictures, a box of linens from my Grandmother’s, and my Christmas dishes. They’ve never been used, and I haven’t seen most of them in years. They’re finally going to be out!

Somewhere in there it occurred to me that we’ve got company staying this weekend, and I’ve trashed the library where the futon is. Oops. So on Monday my list said "clean library." That took all night. But it’s pretty close to done. I’ve moved all the boxes of debris out into the dining room (this is an improvement?), bolted in the last pieces of the closet organizer, shuffled all of the books onto their shelves, and generally straightened up. I’m actually trying to put things *away* instead of just moving them from pillar to post, and that always takes longer. Yesterday my list said "clean spare bedroom." Luckily that was less involved. That mostly involved moving the tubs of stuff that hadn’t been sorted yet off of the bed and into the closet. I scammed one of the tables that my friend Eilis is storing with us for a bedstand, unloaded the box of books into the book case, and made up the bed. Voila! Guest bedroom. While that was happening I ran all of the Christmas dishes through the dishwasher and stacked them neatly in the buffet. Then I made the mistake of picking up my book. So much for getting to bed at a decent hour.

So tonight I need to clean up the living areas that my other cleaning has trashed. You can’t see the dining room for the piles of boxes that need to go to the basement (I don’t want to talk about the basement right now.) The kitchen is full of empty boxes from the dishes and that I unpacked from the library and spare room. Unfortunately, recycling is next week, so in the meantime I have to live with the cardboard. I’ll cut it down and at least get it to the garage. I also need to wash the assorted quilts that are covered in cat fur, and vacuum. None of this is what I want to be doing. I have two test quarts of paint for the kitchen cabinets (same color, different finishes). I have glue I want remove in the half bath. I want to rake out the gardens and see what is coming up. Instead, I shall clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. In which case I’m going to hell, and hell is apparently carpeted with *drifts* of cat hair. Tumbleweeds of cat hair. Did they always shed this much?

What does one do with stuffed animals that are no longer new, but that are really too good to throw out? I doubt GoodWill would take them...

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