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All the news that's fit to print - isn't very interesting today

This is going to be one of those boring "housekeeping" posts, but it gives me something to do for the last fifteen minutes of my lunch, given that according to the very skinny Hartford Courant, nothing happened in the world worth reading about yesterday.  

So. Progress. There’s been a little. The weekend wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but forward motion occurred. All of the Christmas stuff has been put back in the crawl space, which is a huge step. Neither one of us had wanted to do it, and it was becoming a case of "get up and bar the door." So we both worked on it, and it’s done. I was feeling really ambitious at that point, so we shifted some stuff around in the basement and relocated the china cabinet that we’re storing for 

kyrelle into a new spot. It fits there as though someone had designed the spot for it. It’s now in place and has a sheet over it for dust protection, so it’s in good shape. I’ve also figured out where the companion dining table top is going to land (it’s been wandering around a bit), but I want to get some proper padding for under the edge before I move it. Once some of that stuff had gotten pushed around – voila! – we had found a bit of our basement. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

 I’m a bit bummed by the state of the crawlspace. I’m making progress – every so often a box comes out, is gone through, and disappears – but there’s still a lot to deal with. At least all the holiday decorations are all sorted out and together. That’s progress in and of itself. I’m telling myself that as long as more stuff is coming out than is going in, we’re still moving forward.

Upstairs was not as noteworthy. I got 90% of the assorted clutter off of the dining table so that Bob can work on the computer out there during the day. That’s where the woodstove is, so that’s the warm room. It’s also the bright room on those days when the sun actually deigns to shine on Burlington. I straightened up the walk-in closet that was beginning to become a wilderness. I cleared up some clutter. Even I’m not interested in hearing about this stuff.

However, a small amount of "renovations" work was actually done. The center post on the upstairs sink cabinet has been removed. Unfortunately it is now certain that the very convenient wire drawer/shelf assembly that I had under the bathroom sink in Middletown will not fit because of the plumbing configuration. I’m bummed. I’ll need to find a Plan B for that stuff, and I need to get the new doors stained and installed. Those are the last doors until we start actually building cabinet bases. We also went to Lowes and spent our Christmas gift cards. I love spending other people’s money! Between my brother, my father-in-law, and a very small contribution of my own (under $50) we bought the new faucet that I’ve been wanting for the downstairs bathroom, and a very fancy new ventilation fan. It’s a super quiet humidity sensing model. When the humidity in the room hits a preset level, the fan automatically turns itself on and runs until the level drops. Then it turns itself off. Or you can turn it on manually when you’re done with your shower, and it’ll turn itself off later. That’ll help protect the thousands of dollars worth of books I have in the adjoining room, as well as being nicely energy efficient. It wasn’t cheap, but I think it’s a good investment. Amusingly enough I now for all intents and purposes have a new bathroom in the middle of my kitchen. There’s the big box with the new pedestal sink, and on top of it are the boxes with the new fan, new faucet, and two new light fixtures. Now I’m just waiting for open window weather so that we can pull stuff out, paint, and put new stuff in. I’m hoping that by the time that happens that I’ll be able to afford to replace the molding also. I’m sure that we could do a better job than what is in there. I’d love to do the floor at the same time, but I’m not sure how to address the difference in height it will cause. I’ve currently got ugly linoleum in the bathroom and hardwood in the library that are flush with each other. If I put tile in the bathroom, it’s going to raise that floor level, and I’m not sure how to finish the interface properly. Luckily, my boss has just hired a contractor to do the same sort of work in one of her bathrooms, so I’m waiting to see how he addresses it. I may get lucky enough to have a solution before we start ripping things out. If not – throw rugs cover a multitude of evils, and can for a number of years.

That’s it. I’m out of lunch hour, and out of news that’s fit to print.


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