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WIneFest & Birka

I’ve blown by two weekends without updates. Sorry – it’s been busy.

So – two weeks ago. Wine Fest! As usual, it was quite the show. We arrived early, had an early lunch and went in when the doors opened.

I don’t feel like we were quite as efficient this year, although the preprinted comment sheets on a clip board worked like a charm. Much easier. We stopped for an hour in the middle to watch Robert Irvine from "Dinner: Impossible." What a character. I’m convinced that he starts his day with five or six espressos – that level of energy just isn’t natural. He’s so active that it’s almost impossible to take a picture. The light level was low (for the camera), so by the time it would assess the light, focus, and snap the shutter – he was somewhere else already. He put on a fun show. What you don’t see much on the TV show is that he’s got a great smile – one of those grins that just lights up the whole face. Very charming. He’s also got upper arms the size of my lower thighs. He must have quite the workout routine. He chattered, he lectured, he answered questions, he sat in people’s laps, and he threw things to/at the crowd. It was very entertaining. But it put us an hour behind our usual schedule, so we had to push a bit to catch up. Poor Bob. He hasn’t really learned to spit yet, so by the end of the afternoon he was in somewhat rough shape. I could tell, but I’m not sure that anyone else could. I also wasn’t helping. At the end of the afternoon as we were standing at the Ravenwood table, I noticed that he was swaying very gently. Rather like a reed in a light breeze. It struck me as so funny (really inappropriately hilarious – it wasn’t actually that funny) that I kept breaking into the giggles. I probably looked like the drunken one. He was getting justifiably indignant that I was laughing at him, but I just couldn’t help it.

Robert Irvine, and his father making a fast escape off stage

Explaining something with great sincerity.

Most of the rest of the pictures are either blurry, or of the back of his head.  I was afraid to try too hard, for fear that he'd tell me to put the camera down and pay attention.  No, I'm not kidding.

Two pictures of the general mayhem.  It's such a big room it was hard to give a sense of scale.

You think your job is obnoxious?  This poor guy was navigating through a drunken crowd in that costume.  It does have all the legs, by the way.  It could be worse - last year either the guy was shorter or the costume was longer, and the tail dragged. In that crowd!

So after 55 or 60 wines, we stopped to get Bob a cup of coffee and headed home...just to do it again on Sunday. Mr. Irvine had been so much fun on Saturday that we stopped to watch again, and this time we got seats. He was just as entertaining. Afterwards we went back to the wines. Bob hit the 26 or so whites on the list, and at my suggestion, went back and re-tasted the last 8 reds from the day before as I was pretty sure that he didn’t remember them. It turned out that I was right. We got out early and headed home. A good time was had by all, and I again dazzled everyone around me with my organizational acumen. I have a few more improvements in mind for next year. I’m going to add a column for place of origin, especially for the European wines.

This past weekend was Birka. It was fun. 

vynehorn drove, so we weren’t in fear of our lives, and we timed it well to get there, check in and change in a leisurely fashion, and be waiting when the doors opened. I was actually fairly frugal: I bought a reproduction 14th century pitcher from  thatpotteryguy (because I need another pitcher. Riiiight.); three beautiful pair of lamp work veil pins from Pin Money; and some odd spices from  ladypeyton’s going-out-of-business sale. Those went in the fridge this morning when Becket’s nose finally realized that there’s catnip in that bag. We were done and out of the site by 3:00, and got home at a decent hour. Sunday was unfortunately not as productive for me as I’d hoped. I was just tired, so rather than force myself to keep moving I puttered a bit, read a bit, puttered a bit, read a bit.


Future plans. Taxes. Ick. But we got the last documents in yesterday’s mail, so it’s time to assemble everything, install TurboTax, and have at it. Hopefully we’re getting a refund, and I’d like it sooner rather than later. I also want to wrap up the sewing room organization. I’m at that last 10% that I don’t generally get done, so I want to really push forward to completion. By "done" I mean that the sewing room is organized and the spare room is back to normal. I think it’s reasonable to try to be there by the end of this coming weekend. The sediment filter on the pressure tank also needs to be changed, as we’re almost a month late doing that.

After those things are done, I think that getting involved with basement organization is a must. But I’m not going to commit to a timetable on that. Not just yet.


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