kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Poor business practices

Saturday was a demo at the New England Fiber Festival, which I will talk about later.  Right now, I'm annoyed about it.  vynehorn and I took a quick walk through the vendors, and I tried not to buy anything - I mostly succeeded.  That said, there were some booths that I was interested in for the future when we have employment again, so I grabbed business cards.  In cases where I'm interested in something in particular, I'll note that on the back of the card.  But in some cases I just like their line of products and I grab a card for future reference, and in those cases I generally don't remember them specifically the next day because of the visual overload.

This morning I grabbed one of those mystery cards to bookmark the website.  The card has a URL and directions to "Visit us on Facebook and Etsy."  I'd love to.

The URL is dead - it doesn't go anywhere.  Okay - maybe they've done a full switch to Etsy and didn't want to dump the cards already printed.  When I search for the Etsy shop on Google, it comes up as empty - no items, no sales.  When I search for it within Etsy, it doesn't show up at all.  Sooo... Facebook.  The Facebook page is an empty "here's the address" page.

I mean, it's not like these places *have* to have an online presence - it's not for everyone.  But if you're going to, then actually DO it.

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