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I'll catch up on other stuff soon.  But in the meantime, it's Halloween.  I actually just got a hoarde of little boys in costume at the door - scooped up their candy, said "thank you," and bolted down the driveway.  It actually reminded me of trick-or-treating in my childhood neighborhood.

Charlotte and Bob are out.  She's "Harriet the Hamster Fairy," from a set of books so insipid they make my teeth hurt - but they make her want to read.  Sold.

Her comment at dinner was "Mommy, next year I want to be Princess Leia - I have the hair for it!"  She certainly does.  And if she goes as Leia on Hoth, the costume won't need to fit over a snow suit, because the costume IS a snow suit!  Sadly, I think she wants the sticky-bun hair though, which means "A New Hope" Leia.  In which case I need to dress Bob as either C3PO, or a stormtrooper.  I'm thinking "Leia with a blaster," so we'll see.  Besides, if this year is any indication, she's going to change her mind a half a dozen times.

*I* really want to dress her up as Barbara Eden as Jeannie - and if Camma still had her Air Force uniform, I'd enlist her to take her around.  Problem is, almost no one would get it...

In other Halloween news, she doesn't know how good she's got it.  When I was a kid, it was one pumpkin.  But these days we got to jtdiii's gourd mutiliation party, where she can carve as many pumpkins as she wants, and then bring them home.  This is our side door this year:

They've covered the street, been home to dump the bucket, and headed back out.  She seems to be having fun.
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