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Not currently having fun

Moving along.  I redeemed two of the dresses I cut wrong, so that's good.  The third dress I screwed up trying to fix the screwed up fix of the original screw up.  Yep - did it wrong *three* times.  I've got it... better.  I think that now I need to put in a larger underarm gusset, which is annoying because it means not only ripping that part of the sleeve out of the body of the garment, but ripping out a bunch of hand-finished seams.  Seriously annoying.  I'm leaving that one until the other two are done, and if there's time I'll address that.

What I really want to work on is the hem of the pennant for the tent.  I may do a little of that tonight.

On the bright side, *my* work on the trailer is done.  Scrubbed down the deck, wire brushed the rusted spot, and started painting.  The deck ended up getting three coats.  The half coat of "mixed it myself" grey didn't match, and that bugged me.  So I put on a third coat of homemade grey, and it looks great.  The metal all got two coats of Rustoleum, and it's *shiny.*  I'm going to feel terrible about standing on the fenders now, but it won't stop me.  Now I'm going to leave it to bake in the sun so that enamel is totally cured when I start setting heavy things on it.

Here's before (I'd already tipped the bed up and scrubbed off the schmutz and mildew):

And after: