kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Getting there

Status so far:

Four new dresses for Charlotte are done but for hems;
Three new chemises are done for me, but for hems;
Four new dresses for me are in progress - on Saturday, I figured out what I'd done wrong, and now I need to implement the fix;
Four new Birgitta caps for me are done.  No qualifier;
The new pennant is decorated, we'll see if it gets hemmed;
The platform to level Charlotte's cot has been cut, and one side painted;
I'm told the cooler cover has been mended;
The trailer has had two coats of Rustoleum on most metal surfaces, and the deck has had two coats of enamel.

Tonight I really need to work on getting the dresses recut so that I can start finishing the seams.  Tomorrow I'll flip over the cot platform, and give it a coat of paint first thing, which will give me enough time to get two coats on before the end of the day.  That will put it back in Bob's court on Wednesday to attach the corner stops and drill the corner holes.  Then I'll give the trailer deck it's last coat of paint.  It was only supposed to get two coats, but apparently Majic doesn't make that paint in steel grey any longer, and I only had enough for one and a half.  So I mixed black and white, and while I came *very* close, it's still a bit piebald.  So tomorrow I'll give it a coat of my mixed color, and that'll be done.  Then it gets some Rustoleum on the underside of the tail and the tongue, and it goes to Bob to grease the wheel bearings and air the tires.

The cooler cover needs a little more work.  Bob wants to put a chain on the lid so that it can't snap back and break again, and I want to sand off the mildew stains on the legs and wax the whole thing - if that gets done, we can leave it in storage this year.  (I just remembered to ask him to check if the bottom will fit - I'd forgotten.)

Clothes.  Clothes, clothes, clothes.  I cut new veils and wimples, but that's all hand sewing, and I just don't expect it to get done.  I'd rather have the dresses.  With all the new caps, I can make do with my veils, because they won't get sweaty (much.)

I'm running short on time, but for some reason I'm just not worried.  Charlotte's stuff is done, and that's the only stuff that was really critical.
Tags: pennsic, sca, sewing

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