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Dear Girl Scouts,

You don't know why your membership is declining?  You want to reach out to your alumni?  Oh, please, CALL ME.  I will be HAPPY to tell you why I was a girl scout, and why my daughter will not be.

Your CEO is on CBS This Morning, saying "people give more to animal causes than girl causes," and "our basic mission hasn't changed in the last 104 years."


I was a Brownie.  I was a Girl Scout.  I thought about going on to Cadets.  Then I wondered why I would want to.  All the years of my childhood, what I really wanted - was to be a Boy Scout.  Boy Scouts went camping.  They learned to tie knots, and build fires, and climb trees.  They built things.  They learned to "be prepared."

Girl Scouts cleaned the church where we met.  We washed windows.  We made crafts.  We had snack.  We were taught how to be supportive wives and mothers, and good little homemakers.  In short, everything we needed to be a perfect 1950s stay-at-home wife and mother.

A couple of years ago, we went to the... I guess you'd call it an activity fair at Charlotte's school, and both scouting organizations were set up.  The Boy Scouts had model rockets, and pine box derby cars, and when I talked to them they talked about camping, and knots, and fires, and rockets (OMG, *rockets*...) and learning to build things, and community projects.  Then I went to the other side of the aisle.

The Girl Scouts had pamphlets.  I asked what sort of things the troop does.  They do crafts.  They visit senior centers and soup kitchens, they learn to be "helpful."  They learn all the things they'll need in order to be a helpful little stay-at-home wife and mother.

Pardon my language, but fuck that shit.

My daughter will have enough things in her life impeding her from achieving... whatever it is that she wants to achieve.  And you know - maybe what she *wants* will to be a stay-at-wife and mother.  And that's fine.  But only if it's what she chooses and not what's chosen for her, or what organizations like yours convince her she wants to be. My little girl is bright, and lively, and competent.  She can be so much more than what your organization tells her she can be.

Luckily, we're so busy with the SCA that frankly, we just don't have time for you.  And the SCA is going to teach her ALL of those things: fires, and knots, and camping, and volunteering, and "crafts," and cooking, and art, and service, and doing for herself and others, and being a good citizen of the community.  Oh - and history.  And someday she and her spouse can learn together to keep house.

It's not 1912 anymore.  We can do all sorts of things now - we can vote, own property, have a career.  It's not even the 1950s anymore.  We've come SO far.  But there's further yet to go - be part of the solution, part of the future, not part of the past.


P.S. - don't get me wrong: I'll still buy the cookies.  I do lots of things on purpose that are bad for me, and I love the cookies.

Tags: rant

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