kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Huh. She's paying attention.

This evening, I was trying to get Charlotte to pack up what she wants to take with her tomorrow to the War of the Roses event up in Concordia.  Most of the conversation was along the lines of "that's all you brought last time, and you whined that you were bored."  The part that brought me to a stop was this:

Me: What are you going to bring to do when you have to wait while mommy is busy?
Charlotte: How about one of my chapter books.
Me: That sounds like a great idea.  Which one?
Charlotte: My medieval book that talks about the white rose and the red rose and how they're fighting.

There was more conversation after that about how she also needed another book, and we got her packed up and off to bed.  While I was packing the rest of my things, I asked Bob if he had explained to her about the event tomorrow and the historic War of the Roses.  He looked at me and said "No.  I thought you had."

She remembered and put it together.  Good for her!

(I can't wait until they start studying medieval history in school.)
Tags: charlotte, sca

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