kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Old chores

I finally picked up my woodpile that fell over... oh... last November.  I was just never able to work up the ambition.  So first we burned up the stuff that hadn't gotten stacked yet when it fell.  Then we worked on burning the stuff that was scattered across the lawn.  But now what grass we have is attempting to grow, and it needed to be dealt with.  How annoying.  But I realized that I didn't have to tear it down - I basically took the collapsed bit on the right and refilled the pile to the left, and in the process broke down the remains of the front stack and moved it to the back.

Just as a random thing, I was actually able to identify the point of failure this time.  There was a piece with an ugly lump in it that apparently I hadn't compensated for sufficiently.  Eventually gravity won, the back stack failed at that point (at about knee level,) pitched forward and wiped out the front stack on the way down.

It's all off the lawn.  We won't need to order wood next year.  It was just so damn warm this year, and I ordered for a winter like the previous one.  So we're set for a bit.  Which is unfortunate, because now if I decide to paint the garage, I need to break down the stack.

Weather's supposed to be crappy tomorrow, so I can start raking on Wednesday.
Tags: yardwork

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