kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Remember the Visigoth?

So last weekend I broke down and undecorated the Christmas tree even though I didn't actually want to take it down this year.  Generally I'm antsy to get my living room back, but this year I really enjoyed our tree.  But it was past 12th Night, I needed my living room back in order to measure for a new sofa, and the tree had stopped taking water.

Or had it?

This is a shot of the bottom of the undecorated tree:

The contraption with the upside down Pepsi bottle is my automatic tree waterer.  A wonderful invention that has prolonged the life of many of our Christmas trees.  However, there is something wrong with this photo.  Let me clarify.

See that tube to the right of the trunk?  That tube is supposed to be IN the tree stand.  To allow the water in the bottle to flow into the tree stand.  So that the tree can drink it.  The DRY tree stand.  Note also the rutched up tree skirt.

I don't suppose anyone around here knows anything about how this happened?

Yeeeaaahhhh...... I didn't think so.

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