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Balfar's Challenge was yesterday, and it was a nice time, if chilly.  We'd been doing so well getting our act together... and then I just couldn't move in the morning.  I freely admit that I'm the one who overslept, but a time check from Bob would have been nice.  Oh well - not the end of the world.  We got there in decent time, got set up, I went to put on the wimple and veil... and remembered that they were still neatly folded in the drawer at home.


Because, you see, I was counting on those to keep from 1) freezing off my ears and neck, and 2) getting sunburnt all over my neck and chest and back.  Not to mention that I have the fancy new coronet adjusted for all the veiling, and it doesn't fit right over just the cap.  Bob offered to drive home for them, but I really didn't want to have to hear about it forever.  Then he admitted that he'd forgotten his archery gear and wanted his cloak.  Okay then - enough blame to go around, go for it.  Aelfgiva loaned me a scarf so that the cutting wind had to go through something to get to me, and off we went.  Once he got back, the veiling made a HUGE difference.  Basically it was the difference between being slightly uncomfortable, and mildly miserable.  Viva la difference!

We were set up next to Sorcha, Sybill, and a vertitable *pack* of corgies and shelties.  There were... five or six of them.  Fun.  Once they settled in, the barking was fairly minimal, and Charlotte was absolutely enchanted.  They let her play with the dogs and walk them as much as she wanted, so she and they tired each other out.  Win/win.

Once again, I was very pleased with our setup.  We had the wedge set up as a sun shade as usual, with banners hanging from the ridge.  This year I had the new baronial banner to hang with our personal ones, which fits the space better than the sail folded in half.  It looked *sharp.*  I'm patting myself on the back here, but I think we have the best looking kit there.  I'm not sure what we'll do when we're not the baronage any longer - I'll need to come up with 60" of decorative fabric to cover that gap.  I suppose I could make larger personal banners to cover the space.  I like banners, so that's not exactly a hardship.  Time to do some math, I think.  Proportions are important.

It was just a nice, low key day talking to people.  I could wish that it had been a little less windy - the day got to be warm enough, but the wind really did me in.  It's not like it's a surprise - there's a bloody windmill right there, so it's to be expected.  But I couldn't feel the end of my nose for most of the day.  Dragonship did a great job running the day, and they were so seamless that I'm pretty sure most people didn't even notice that the site's well pump had gone down.  I gather there were lots of runs for bottled water for however many hundreds of people were there.

Sewing continues, albeit at a slower pace.  I have lots and lots of seams to finish for field garb for Pennsic.  I have a pair of fitted cotes cut for Bob and I that need assembly, and I should make a set of fitted over cotes in linen for us for Pennsic.  I proved last year that I *can* wear wool at Pennsic, but wow do I not *want* to.

I'm also looking into cloaks.  Years and years ago I bought lovely melton wool for cloaks, and I haven't done anything with it because it was stinking expensive and I was afraid to cut it.  No time like the present.  It's been a while since I tried to do any clothing research regarding construction, and now I'm remembering why I wasn't very good at it.  Infuriating.  But I've discovered the Bocksten Man.  I was always vaguely aware of that particular bog find, but I'd just assumed that it was iron age like all the rest of them seem to be.  I think I had to be rather aggressively working at not realizing that find is 14th century.  Huh.  And - he had a cloak.  So now I have a pattern, courtesy of Marc Carlson's website.  Apparently my shoe guru is also going to be my cloak guru.  I'll do the math, and when some other projects are cleaned up, I can pull out those bolts, mop the floor in the kitchen, lay it all out and get two more bolts of fabric out off the shelves.  Which gets some more of the fabric from Adhemar's place up off the floor.  Now I need to research Anglo-Saxon era cloaks for Camma.  I'm going to have baby-sitting credits for ages.

Spring break is over - I'll have to go back to setting my alarm.
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