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Assorted projects and hair angst

I've been ridiculously busy for the last couple of weeks.  Let's see...

I suppose I should update the Great Poppyseed Debate.  When last we left our heroes, the poppyseed rolls had been baked, and had both split down one side.  I tried one... and it was pretty good.  My rolling technique needs work, but for a first attempt I was pretty pleased, and I took the other one down to my parents' for Easter - they were on it like locusts.  Dad was *delighted.*  Said it was "Almost exactly like Grandma's.  Of course, I'm talking about something I haven't tasted for over fifty years."  We have a win!  Well, half a win.  Mom was very excited, and then didn't like it at all.  The problem?  The raisins, of course.  But we went through all of Grandma's notes and newspaper clippings, and she sent them home with me.

The following weekend was Mudthaw in NJ, and it occurred to me - Grandma's recipe calls for a cup of poppyseeds.  I have just about that much left in the fridge.  I'm driving right past their door on the way down.  And she's sulking a little.  I do believe I'll make another one.  So I made my grandmother's recipe (and WOW is her handwriting something.)  It was a lot different.  The dough had VERY little liquid in it, but came out quite well despite my fears (the woodstove is the best thing for rising dough *ever.*)  The filling was another matter.  I was supposed to mix the poppyseeds, milk, and sugar and simmer until all the liquid was absorbed.  It didn't absorb.  I think it has to do with how I ground the seeds - the directions were to simmer the whole seeds before grinding, and I think they were just as re-hydrated as they were going to get.  So I ended up with a wet, runny, sloppy filling.  I finally strained it and made up a roll.  This version's issue was that it was baking while we were eating dinner, and I should have taken it out five minutes sooner - I didn't want it that brown.  But when I sliced it, it was perfect inside, other than not having enough filling.  Saturday morning I dropped it off on the way by.  Mom went straight for a knife, and declared it "Perfect.  Just like mom's."  Hurray.  Dad allowed as to how he likes the other one better.  This is easy - I make one for each of them in the future.

At Mudthaw, there was the sudden realization that Coronation is THIS WEEKEND.  Crap.  All the garb is "mostly" done.  Crap.  So I kicked the sewing into high gear.  It was all the handwork that was left, unfortunately.  I managed to get Camma's set done in time for her to take it home on Tuesday - and she was delighted (I'm going to turn this into a LOT of babysitting.)  Long story short, I got it all finished.  All the long seams on my linen had already been done, so I just needed to finish the seams on Bob's, make what felt like a thousand eyelets on both, finish the seams on the wool cotes, do buttonholes, and sew on buttons.  Given that I do my buttonholes with a machine - manageable.  Then I realized that I'd never actually sewn Charlotte's.  But I got it all done.  I was sewing her hem Friday evening, but I got it all done.  I even managed to make her a nice purse on one of Billy and Charlie's pewter coin purse frames.

I had really wanted to get the new clothes done because I've acquired assorted new accessories that I wanted - if Coronation was going to be at the Higgins Armory, I wanted to look nice.  I felt like we did - there's no pictures to prove it, but I got some very flattering compliments.  Now if only I were less stout...  I need a good workout that I'll do by myself.

Now I need to get my act together for Balfar's Challenge.  Maybe I'll wear the new stuff there and see if we can get a picture.

The hair... I have to do something about my hair.  I've managed to avoid thinking about or dealing with my hair for twenty years.  But I can't ignore it any longer.  I love my ponytail.  I can put hair sticks in it.  All I have to do with it is pull it back.  And it doesn't get in my face when I'm working/sweating.  I HATE having my hair touch my face, and a pony tail is perfect for that.  But, like my mother, I'm losing my hair.  It's always been baby-fine, and now it's fine and *thin.*  I no longer have enough hair to cover my scalp when it's pulled back.  I guess I need to talk to the stylist about options, but I think I'm going to be unhappy no matter what the answer.