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Hrim Schola

Sweet mother of God, I'm tired...  These days it seems like I'm always unreasonably tired after an event we run, even if I'm not running flat out all day.  Isn't getting old just fantastic?

It was a good day.  The site didn't open until 10:00, so it was a fairly leisurely morning.  I intended to sit gate in the morning, but they didn't need me.  So instead I continued to stalk Master Peregrine who I convinced to teach a class on weaving perugia towels.  I only really attended two classes - one really fantastic class on pre-13th century weave structures, and I spent a LOT of time with Peregrine.  He's really such a nice guy, and very patient with me.  As I suspected, my problem seems to be the insufficient thickness of my blue wool for the pattern bands - but looking at what Peregrine's towel was looking like, I think mine may actually have been okay.  I hadn't taken into account the effects of wet finishing, or the release of tension when it was taken off the loom.  Also, doing the pattern bands in wool, they should felt together some and cover the linen pick.  So I'm going to rewarp the loom as I had it, weave a simple pattern band, cut it off, wet finish it, and see what happens.  I'm feeling very encouraged.

I'm also now dying to weave up a shawl in a pattern called kreuzkoper.  It's enormously cool, and I have some wool on the shelf...

Court also went well.  As the event was a joint venture with Dragonship Haven, there were two courts.  I pushed last week and got the new banner done - it looks pretty good if I say so myself.  Grimolfr brought the tabard I got done for Yule, and I think we looked pretty spiffy.  As usual, we had fairly minimal business - I had commissioned some medallions for the Order of St. Martin to present to Dragonship as a "thank you" for letting us run our new heavy list practice in Middlefield.  We actually had a precedence bearing award, and then did two of our weirdnesses.  vynehorn got a toll to fund the unfunded mandate I've been hearing about ever since we gave her the license to fortify, and then naturally we gave Izzy a quittance from tolls - and many other forms of fees.  English laws of commons and fees and such are really quite fascinating - and all online these days!  It's a lot of fun, and I think Izzy had just as much fun as I did.  I like it when the recipient enjoys it as much as I do.  Passage and carriage and pontage and murage and rivage and quayage and stallage and picage and pesage...  Just so cool.  I'm such a geek.  It's also a great way to use up vellum off-cuts.  I hate to throw them away.



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Mar. 21st, 2016 11:55 am (UTC)
One minor thing in the event announcement
Which is why I'm saying it here and not "officially". :-)

While many classes listed an attendee limit, I didn't in the announcement see where it said you should sign up for individual classes and not just show up for them. Sarah found that all her intended classes were filled, and while she did admit that she seemed to miss the part (at check-in, maybe?) where you had to sign up it's my opinion that such in the announcement might have saved at least one person from getting frustrated and leaving the event without taking classes.

The Concerned Husband Whose Wife Came Home Early and Upset, Who Has No Idea He is Writing This
Mar. 21st, 2016 12:34 pm (UTC)
Re: One minor thing in the event announcement
Hmm. I feel like that's one of those things that goes without saying - if there's a limit, there's a sign up. Pennsic is (as far as I know) an anomaly in the first-come/first-served aspect. And the sign up sheets were right there next to check-in. It is, however, something to keep in mind for the future though - and most of the classes that were limited for hands on allowed unlimited auditors. But for folks who've not gone to a schola event before, it's not a bad idea to have that information right out there.

All of that said, were there things in particular she was interested in where we could hook her up with the instructors? A lot of them were quite local and/or I know other people who can teach them. I'm always looking for workshop ideas, and spending time with your lovely wife is *never* a hardship...
Mar. 21st, 2016 04:00 pm (UTC)
Re: One minor thing in the event announcement
I think that's what happened; First time there. And I did keep her out late the night before so I'll take the heat on that. :-\

I'll ask her about classes, though.
Mar. 21st, 2016 05:25 pm (UTC)
Re: One minor thing in the event announcement
I know it's no consolation to HER, but it's good for the rest of us to be reminded that "the way we've always done it" isn't necessarily obvious to the people who've never done it before. So an improvement in process will definitely come out of it.

Seriously though - you have a really good "in," that doesn't even require calling in a favor. I'd love to know what she'd like to learn, and hook her up with a teacher. Either one-on-one, or I'll set up a workshop and be sure that it fits her schedule.

It's what I do!
Mar. 21st, 2016 08:41 pm (UTC)
Re: One minor thing in the event announcement
I mentioned such to her but I think we've had to compartmentalize life so much lately that it'll be the next Hrim or other Schola when we're able :-\
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