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New project idea

The other night I was rummaging through British History Online to write the two awards that I'm giving at court at Hrim Schola on Saturday.  I'm getting better and faster at that (four years practice - I would hope so!), and as I was rummaging through Henry III's close rolls, I had a brilliant idea.

I want to make a roll for our time as Baron and Baroness.

I think the English Patent Rolls are closest to what I want to do.  The Pipe Rolls were records of financial audits; Fine Rolls were records of, well, fines levied; Charter Rolls recorded grants of charters; the Close Rolls were text copies of the letters close issued (often summonses to court and such); and I haven't looked into the Liberate Rolls yet to know what the are.  Patent Rolls were the open records of all the administrative crap, and seem to line up most closely to what we do in the SCA - and the University of Iowa (for some reason) has transcriptions online.

It's going to be a lot of work recreating four years of assorted business, but I figure if I skim through the Baronial YahooGroup that should recreate a lot of the day-to-day business.  The first step will be to draft the text.  I suspect that the actual calligraphy will be a lot easier than the composition portion.

I have YET AGAIN come up with a project idea that's going to cost a *mint* to do if I do it properly.  I priced out another project, and figured that it's going to be close to $1,000 in vellum.  This one could be similar if I were to do it in vellum.  Mind you, I have no idea how much vellum it would take, because I don't know how much text I'll come up with.  Mind you, I could order the kind of crappy stuff, because this isn't a manuscript application, but it's still not going to be cheap.  Paper may have to do.  I have a lot of research to do, so I can investigate options while I do that.

All sorts of ideas.  This one will be fun - I like fussy research projects.  I don't know what I'll DO with it when it's done, but that's not really the point.
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