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That's my girl...

For her birthday, Charlotte got a sewing machine from Grandma.  It was actually my idea, but I have a history of giving my best gift ideas to my mom.  Someday *I'll* get to give her the cool gift, but not any time soon.  She's been desultorily sewing together some scrap quilting strips to make a quilt for her doll, but she's been having trouble maintaining the seam allowance.  That kills some of the joy.

But today she got all excited about the idea of helping me with the new garb.  So I pinned the side gore to the body piece of her chemise, took a pencil and drew a line for where the seam goes, and turned her loose while I worked on Bob's braes.

She sewed the four gores into the side seams - those seams are 44" long.  She sewed the underarm gussets into both sleeves, and she is currently hand finishing the sleeve seams, because the way I construct chemises and unfitted cotes requires the sleeve seams to be fully finished before they can be set into the body of the garment.  She's doing a terrible job right now, but that will improve with practice, of which she's about to get a bunch.  I was planning to set the sleeves for her, but now  I'm thinking she can do it herself.

I honestly wasn't expecting her to get this far - I figured she'd do one, maybe two of the long seams, and announce that it was too hard and she didn't want to any more.  But no.  And she's announced that tomorrow she's going to sew with me "to keep me company."  Sigh.  I guess that's a self inflicted wound.

We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts.  I'm pretty darn pleased, though.
Tags: charlotte, sca, sewing

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