kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Happy Anniversary to Me

Well LiveJournal, it's a year today since we started our relationship.  I know that I was a bit distant at first, and I admit that I thought you were just too odd and outgoing for my taste.  I couldn't imagine that people would see us together and not say "What is she thinking?  No one is interested in all of that.  She should really be acting her age."

But as time went on, our relationship flowered, as such things are wont to do.  We've learned to make friends, to communicate well with others, and even to post pictures.  There have been some disappointments, some crashes, some lost posts, but we've gotten through them and moved on.

I'm sure this year will be even better.  Maybe we'll even learn to post links correctly!

To all of you out there who've been with me from either the beginning, or just last week - thanks for your company and your interest.  It's been a fun year, and I love hearing from you all.  Here's to you, and to more friends still to come.  I hope I'm not boring you too badly ;-)


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