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What a weekend!


Friday night was a complete loss. I was in such a foul mood when I got home that I pretty much just stalked around the house being unpleasant. Friday was one of the few days that illustrated one of the down-sides to being married. I was so crabby that I couldn’t stand myself, and Bob was feeling clingy. Not a good combination. But we made it through the evening without any explosions.

Saturday was a fairly fun day. Got up on time, got out of the house on time, slogged my way up route 6 (note to self – the traffic pattern is different on weekends. Leave more time), got on I-84, and saw the bad sign. The same electronic sign I saw last time I was heading to Sue’s. The sign that should have said "you’re going to spend an hour on I-84 in Hartford with no way out," but actually said "Road work exits 44 to 48. Two mile delay. Two left lanes closed." Having learned my lesson, I bailed immediately off the highway.

Problem is that while I learned my lesson, I haven’t yet learned a good alternate route. So I dropped south on route 9 to Cromwell, to get on I-91 north, to 3 north, to 2 east, to get back on I-84 east on the far side of the traffic disaster. I’m not sure that it saved me any time, but it salvaged my blood pressure. If this is going to be an ongoing thing I’ll need to settle down with a map of CT and learn some different ways around Hartford that don’t involve going halfway to the coast.

Despite that inauspicious start, Saturday went fairly well. I sampled some period recipes that Sue was experimenting with when I got there, and we spent a fair bit of quality time squinting at small pictures of garb online to try to figure out exactly what was happening with the trim. Then we spent a chunk of time trying to find combinations of gold trim that look good together. Do you know how many different shades of gold there are? Making it look like "it’s supposed to look like that" is a neat trick.

In the course of running around I managed to find a nice basket to keep kindling in for the woodstove. A little off-topic, but it made me happy.

After sufficient squinting and pinning, Bob drove up to join us and we went to see "Blades of Glory." Let’s be clear – not only am I not a Will Ferrell fan, I actively dislike him. It was really, really funny. Predictably funny, but just incredibly silly and fun. I’m glad we went.

Sunday is when things really started to fall apart. We were supposed to head over to CT Lighting Center and buy the new outdoor light for the back door. First Bob wasn’t moving – bad sinus headache? Has he taken anything for it? We’ll just leave that one... Then by the time he’s moving, I’m not. Shortly thereafter, the entire day was derailed by me saying "what’s that noise?" That noise was the fridge giving us our first warning that we will be replacing it sooner, rather than later. The most amazing howling noise was coming from the freezer compartment. So as my husband failed to diagnose what was wrong, I loaded up everything from the freezer that would fit into the chest freezer downstairs. Mind you – I had less of a clue than he did. It was just the only thing I could think to do that was useful. It’s not like this fridge owes us anything – it’s 30 years old and original to the house. I’d planned to replace it, just not until next winter. After much futile poking, rather like a large, frustrated raccoon, we gave in and called Dad. Who said something to the effect of "yeah – the bearings in the fan are shot. I had to replace ours a few years back. You can lubricate them for the moment – don’t use WD-40." I’m summarizing. So Bob disassembled the freezer in order to expose the fan. I think some of those pieces were glued in to start with.

Freezer parts all over the kitchen, fan is exposed, we hit it with the spray silicone lubricant. It stops making noise. Hurray! But we’ll wait ten minutes, just to be sure. About seven minutes in, it starts making horrible noises again, and then stops making noise altogether. Question: what’s worse than horrible, squealy, grindy noises? Answer: silence. Yep – we gummed up the bearings to where the fan wouldn’t run At All. Great. Strong work. So we hit it with WD-40 to clean out the silicone. Yes my father said not to use it. But we’re actually using it for it’s original purpose as a water displacement formula. Fan starts moving again. Fan returns to making horrible noises while my husband goes out to find a different lubricant and I surf appliance websites.

He returns with general motor/bearing lubricant packaged in one of the most practical bottles I’ve ever seen. Someone at that company knew that people were going to want to use this stuff without having to remove the motor first. Bless them. Oil is added, fridge is turned back on, and the horrible squealing noises... are replaced by happy whirring noises. Somewhere in here my father calls back to say "Well.....?" After 20 minutes of quiet we headed out to Lowes to browse fridges.

They’re really expensive. Really expensive. I don’t want much. At least I didn’t think that I wanted much. I want the freezer on the bottom. I want the door to be reversible. I want an icemaker. I do NOT want any fancy-schmancy ice or water through the door, and I don’t want any sort of water dispenser. I want it to be shiny and black. Apparently, I want too much. There’s a GE Profile that suits me and that I like pretty well. But two people in my department have said not to buy GE because they’re crap. So now I’m worried. Obviously I need to do some more research.

Once the fridge imbroglio was finished for the evening, I remembered the laundry I had been planning to do – I wanted to wash all the bedding. That’s chugging along until the last load, which was the huge king-sized heavy blanket. I really ought to take this thing to a laundromat, because it’s really too big to agitate properly in my machine. But I figured that forcing some soapy water through it would help. I walked out to check it at one point, and there’s water all over the floor. Personally, I can only take this from one major appliance at a time. I mopped up the water, and waited to see if it would come back. It came back. I mopped up some more and waited. By the time the cycle ended, it had not come back again. We *think* that what happened was that with the big immovable load in the basket we had some water splash over the top and get down to the floor. That’s our story. We’re going to work with that. One appliance at a time please. This is not the washer’s time.

New fridge. New tires. New shocks. New timing belt. New car for Bob. New front walk. Somehow I think that door from the house to the garage isn’t going to happen this year. Just a feeling.

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