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So, a couple of weeks ago I pinged into Facebook just before I went to bed.  I was going to crash in fifteen minutes or so, and just wanted someone to amuse me.  I noticed that isabeau_lark was talking about me, and decided to go see what she was saying.  There was a conversation happening on the East Kingdom page.  A lady from Cynagua (California, I think?) had posted looking for the Kingdom weaver's guild - which doesn't exist.  Apparently she was visiting family for the holidays and posting on behalf of her sister.  Her sister had a loom, and wanted to no longer have a loom.  Q&A before I got there determined that it was a 36" weaving width LeClerc, for the price of "come pick it up."  Folks were dithering around, a lady of my acquaintence had evidenced interest, and Isabeau (bless her heart) said "If she doesn't want it, Eloise might be interested."  I made the mistake of asking where it was, and turns out it was just over in Rye, NY.  And her sister was available on a weekend when I was heading that way to go down to NJ anyway.  Hardly out of the way...

Then there was a massive cleaning/rearranging/redoing of the sewing room.  It looks a bit like a grenade went off at the moment.

I made arrangements, and then started planning how to fetch it.  My initial thought was hey - that's why I bought a Jeep.  Then I remembered that pesky car seat in the back.  Sometimes Charlotte is really inconvenient.  But I figured it might still be okay.  I went out to LeClerc's website, got the dimensions, and build myself a carboard simulcum.

Stop rolling your eyes - I'm very visual, and slightly obsessive.  I also remember helping vynehorn take a new chair home because while it would have fit in her car with room to spare, it wouldn't go in any of the doors.  I still giggle about that one.

One thing became apparent immediately - it was going to have to come in the front door.  There was no way it would turn the dogleg to go in the side door.  Then I looked at it in the context of my hatch, and realized that it wasn't going in MY Jeep.  Okay, plan B.  Mom's Jeep is bigger (she has a Cherokee.)  I went online and got the cargo measurements.  It looked like it would just fit across the back.  So I was thinking that we would drive down to my parents', leave Charlotte, and take her Jeep to Rye.  Pick up the loom, double back to Brookfield, drop the loom in the basement, recollect Charlotte, and continue on to New Jersey.  Swing back on Sunday with just me in my Jeep to pick up the loom.  Awkward, but workable.

But the more I thought about it, the more I worried about it "just" fitting, and at that point I said "Screw it.  I'm just going to throw the trailer on the car."  The fly in *that* ointment was the driveway capacity of my destination in New Jersey.  I'm sure that if I *had* to, I could manage the trailer there (by literally manhandling it,) but that's only an option if I were forced to it.  So instead I utilized my parents' driveway - picked up the loom, drove back to Brookfield, dropped the trailer in the turnaround, headed to NJ.  On the way home we hopped off the highway, hooked the trailer back up, and brought it home.

Saturday dawned, and we headed to Rye.  Michelle is a lovely woman, who was almost as excited to see the loom out of her house as I was to take it.  Her mother gave Charlotte a teddy bear - I swear, that kid needs to start carrying a bag.  People just randomly give her stuff for being cute and well behaved.  We got it out of the house and onto the trailer with no trouble.  I'd spent $20 on some of that moving plastic wrap, so we wrapped it up, padded it with blankets, swathed it with tarps, and strapped her down.  Michelle said that she'd been trying to get rid of it for years - she'd offered it to schools, advertised it on the internet, but nothing.  Given what it took to fetch it, I suspect that was the fly in the ointment, but I'm still gobsmacked that she couldn't *give* away a seriously nice loom.  I've promised her pictures, and I may make her some towels (I have projects in mind already.)

The drive to Brookfield was a little fraught - having it strapped broadside to the front edge of the trailer blocked the rear view mirror, and I was worried about the sail like effect, so when we got it parked I rotated it ninety degrees.  Dad didn't approve, and he *was* right that it was a lot less stable.  But he helped us secure it, and it turned out better in the long run.  We visited for a bit, and did the rest of our drive - had a truly lovely time at our dinner party.  We managed to hook back up without waking my parents (it was stupid late,) and drove home.  In the dark, and tired, I was glad we'd rotated it.  That night (well, morning) we brought it in the house, dropped it in the kitchen, and went to bed.  Yesterday it all caught up with me and I just sort of fell over.

Tonight we hauled it up the stairs.  That was no fun, but we managed.  It fit nicely into the space the smaller Harrisville moved out of, although warping is going to be a complete *bitch.*  I'm going to have to pull it out, or pull out the sewing table... I'll figure it out.

So it's in.  I need to vacuum it, and dust it, and put it back together - put the treadles back on and reattach the brake.  I should go online and get the manual from LeClerc to simplify that.  I'll cut off the warp that's on there, and figure out what dent reed it has (Oh look - I'll need to buy more reeds...)  Then I need put the room back together now that it's in.

I have some painting and sewing to do before I get to it, but I'm kind of pumped about having two looms at the moment.  I have a VERY ambitious project in mind, and it's probably going to be on the loom for quite a while.  So now I can get that going without worrying about how long it's going to tie up the loom, or feeling required to work on it to the exclusion of everything else.

I wasn't going to be a string person.
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