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Getting there

Well, the pre-cook is done.  The blanche poiree came out... odd.  The rice is much too firm, and I'm not sure why.  It was fine when first cooked, but now it's too firm.  I'm hoping it will soak up all that cream overnight.  Then, of course, I'll add more.

The amygdalopita made with gluten free flour seems to be just fine.  Of course, there's only a tablespoon of flour in an entire batch, so I could probably substitute almost anything without it being noticable.  The scones however, seem to be flatter and denser - I guess we'll see tomorrow.  The Yorkshire pudding batter is *way* too thick.  The regular batter is just like it should be, but the GF batter is very dense.  I may need to add more milk.  Again - we'll see tomorrow.  I really want that to work.

I've got the dishes set out, and some of the utensils - I need the dishwasher to finish running before I can finish that up.  I'm sorting out serving dishes right now - it's not a big house, and I need to be efficient.  Not to mention that where there are GF/non-GF options, I want it to be crystal clear which is which.

Next - straighten things up, take stuff down to the basement, bring stuff up from the basement, and vacuum.  The more I get done tonight, the more leisurely I can be tomorrow.