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One day, three Band-Aids

Yesterday was not a good day in the coordination department.  First, in the morning, I was cooking the squash for new year's eve, using the big slicer that my father had sharpened to his standards on Christmas eve.  The squash slipped, and the knife bounced gently off the tops of my left index and middle fingers.  The bleeding stopped eventually.  Let's hear it for waterproof Band-aids.

Then just before dinner, I went to scoop my Kindle off the counter, and something stabbed deeply into the pinky on my right hand.  That was more difficult to diagnose.  It turns out that my tea kettle broke.  No one is quite sure how, but we speculate that when heated, a weak spot in the porcelaine coating failed after all these years, and a chip pinged off - there were shards of razor sharp porcelaine on the counter next to it, and that's what I pulled out of my fingertip.  That one bled like crazy, and that one still hurts.  It was a big day for bleeding.

Yesterday definitely didn't pan out as planned.  Bob's family came over for second Christmas.  They were supposed to be here at noon, panicked over the idea of snow, and changed it to 2:00.  At 1:40 they called to say that they were delayed and only just leaving.  This is why I put Bob in charge of making dinner for his family.  Part of what I needed to get done yesterday was to bang some stuff up into the attic - should have taken fifteen minutes.  But when I got to the top of the stairs, I discovered that for an unknown amount of time Bob has been "putting things in the attic" but taking them up the stairs, and just pushing them to arm's length.  So while I wasn't *planning* on cleaning the attic yesterday afternoon, I ended up in the attic for a couple of hours cleaning the attic.  My knees are still absolutely killing me.  But it's neat, I can put stuff up there now, and I identified a ton of stuff that can be thrown away - mostly boxes from stuff we don't own any longer.  I figure when we put the Christmas decorations away we can haul that pile down and dispose of it.

Today is new year's eve prep.  Bob is going to go pick up the roast (ordered from the butcher last week) and some extra suet, and the first gallon of milk I need.  I'm going to mix the batter for the Yorkshire pudding.  I'm going to mix two batches - one regular, and one gluten free.  That goes better if you mix it the day before and let it chill overnight, so I'll get that all set sometime today.  I have to figure out which one goes into the blender and which one into the big mixing cup - my two gluten free guests have assured me that I only have to be "very" careful about cross contamination as opposed to "super-max extra-spiffy" careful.  But that doesn't mean that I can be careless.  I figure I'm going to wash things up, do my gluten free work, get that all sealed up, and then move on to the rest - it doesn't matter if I get some of the gluten free flour mixed in with the wheat flour.

I cooked the rice for the blanche poiree yesterday, and today I mixed in the cream and orzata.  Judging by the texture, I'll be adding a lot more cream as the day goes on (I like it kind of runny.)  Squash is done and in the fridge, and only contains a little of my blood.  I think I'll start with the amygdalopita, and then knock out the apple pies.  Then the scones.  I just have to be sure to reserve enough of the GF flour for the soup.

Honestly though, I'd rather go back to bed.
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