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Background noise

Ah rural life.  The birds in the trees; the squirrels rustling in the leaves, the wind in the treetops, the relentless drone of the low Cescna endlessly circling...

I went outside for some peace from my family.  First Charlotte came out to made sure I wasn't lonely (sigh - but it WAS a kind thought,) then the Cesna started circling, and then Bob came out.  I hardly saw him though - he was hauling in the wood that I was stacking, so that was just fine.

I'd say that between yesterday when Camma came over to help and today, we're about a third done getting the wood stacked.  It won't all fit on the terrace - I already know that.  I can get about two cords on there, and I ordered three this year.  It's a bit of tension with the available space.  I wasn't willing to build the terrace any deeper and lose more of the itty bitty yard, but two cords isn't *quite* enough wood.  It will get us through the winter, but leave me with no reserves.  I get nervous when my woodpile is down to nothing in March.  So I ordered three, and we'll make it work.  I can stack a third rank on the front edge of the terrace - it won't go as high and it won't be as neat, but it will absorb wood out of the driveway.  I also intend to feed the kitchen woodbox, and thus the stove, from the driveway not the pile initially.  Once the driveway gets slick that's more of an issue, but for the moment we're running on luck.  Let's hear it for El Nino - I needed the breathing room this year.
Tags: yardwork

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