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We're having some windows replaced, probably next week.  This has been coming for a while, and while we can't afford to do the whole house, we have to do the four worst - it's a case of replace the windows, or lose the side of the house.  So we're replacing the living room windows, and the sewing room window (because the sill is GONE.)

I said to the contractor about the sewing room "I'll clear everything off of that wall so that you have plenty of room to work." (I have misgivings about that entire wall - I'm half expecting all the wallboard to come off, and want that to be possible.)

I thought to myself "It's just a few large items on that wall and in the middle of the room - the sewing machine table, the loom, the cutting table.  No big deal."

I said to my husband "It's not like I have to empty the room - I'll stash that stuff in the library."


ALL the quilting fabric is on that wall.  All of it.  And while I've slimmed it way down, it's still a LOT of fabric.  A lot of bins.  The library is filling up, and I haven't pulled out the loom or the sewing machine table, or the largest part of the quilting fabric... or the shelves that it's on.

It'll be fine, but...

Tags: house, sewing room

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