kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Phew - Mostly done

Cookies are all but done.  Today I produced another ten pans of shortbread (they're the mainstay of my cookie plates, so I make lots and lots and lots), a second batch of pecan tarts (because the first batch was almost gone), finally baked the Russian tea cakes, and mixed a second batch of peanut butter cookies because they're going fast and my husband really likes them.  I'll probably bake those on Christmas day.

Then, after washing everything up and congratulating myself for being done, I remembered the fudge.  How could I forget the fudge?  So there was an excursion into candy making.  Luckily the fudge recipe I use is *really* easy.  It's the recipe that used to be on the side of the Carnation Evaporated Milk can years and years and years ago.  I don't have the ambition to cut and wrap it, so I'm taking the whole damn pan down to my parents tomorrow and I'll make them help me.  If Mom can - she fell in the driveway last week and dislocated her shoulder and bounced her head off the driveway.  She's fine, but I gather she's in a lot of pain - the bruise on her face (two stitches inside her lip) is spectacular and growing.  I think there will be no Christmas photos this year...

The cookies for Mom and Dad are tinned up, along with their gifts and one of Bob's.  I figure he and I will open the rest of our gifts tomorrow when we get home from the parents' house.

merimaskhad asked her f-list to post pictures of their Christmas decorations.  We didn't do much this year - good intentions and all that.  But here is our tree:

Given previously mentioned cat-based apprehensions, I didn't do as much with it as I usually do.  Looking at it now, I should have gotten another three or four strings of lights on - I'm a few hundred short of what I usually do.  But we got ornaments on this year.  *Before* Christmas.  I win.  Maybe next year there can be tinsel!

In the same theme, Bob took these pictures near his office.  This house apparently has the most amazingly overdone assortment of those inflatable yard sculptures.  This is just the side yard - he says there's more on either side.  It's a little hard to see in the night shot, but here it is:

But you know how a lot of people shut those down for the wee hours and then start them back up in daylight?   Well, this place doesn't start them until after he's gone by in the morning.  He's christened this shot

"Murder on Christmas Row"

And lastly, while it doesn't surprise me to find a cat next to/behind/under the woodstove, you'd think he'd lay on the rug I put down for him rather than using the electrical outlet as a pillow.  But nooooo.....

Happy holidays to everyone, no matter what, when, or if you celebrate. 

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