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Trapped in the basement

I've been absent again here - just running crazy.  There's a ton of work that I need to have done on the house, summer is already running out, and the prep for it is insane.  Lately I've been disappearing into the basement in much of my free time, and for many of the weekends.  There was almost an entire weekend spent in the crawl space - that was fun.  Luckily for me, the crawl space is almost entirely spider free.  That was miserable work.  I pulled most of my boxes out, and almost everything went to Good Will.  There's no room for the stuff - out it goes.  I'm not going to store things waiting for a life that I'm never going to lead.  I have a few boxes still in there, some of things that Charlotte will grow into, and some that just need to be gone through thoroughly.  The rest of that space is filling with Bob's stuff.  If he won't go through it, he won't get rid of it, and he doesn't ever look at it, I'm putting it in the crawl space.  It's safe, it's (hopefully) dry, and in the event that he ever wants it again - there it is.  Mind you, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when that space is *full,* but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

I filled the Jeep and went to Good Will three times, need to make at least one more trip, and I'm not sure you can tell.  Sad, that.

Once I had the crawl space under control and available to accept input, I started in on the basement proper.  I started with my stuff, partly because it was mine, and partly because it was right there at the bottom of the stairs.  Lots of donating, lots of throwing things away, but once I got ruthless about it, it went pretty quickly.  At that point I declared *my* part done, and told Bob to get his ass in gear.  Next was lots of new boxes into the crawl space.  To be fair, a bunch of them were FROM the crawl space - Bob pulled them out four years ago to go through, and they've sat there since.  I put them back.  Once that area was piled more compactly (I can't say "neatly,) I waded into the workbench area.  I was able to put all the power tools away, and I got some bins to organize the hardware - I'm tired of perpetually re-purchasing the same box of wood screws because I can't find the last box we bought.  That took a while, but helped a lot.  I got the hand tools hung back up, and that did wonders for the workbench.  Then I *had* to get Bob involved.  He cut down some of the scrap plywood and lumber that was lying around, we made a *proper* shelf for under the workbench, and now the large power tools are stored neatly under there up off the floor. Very nice.

At that point, I was out of my stuff/our stuff - it was in Bob's court.  But the whole point of this exercise is to get a new hot water heater so that I can take a hot shower at home, and I'm not waiting another year for him.

So on Sunday I put the gloves back on and waded in - I dug into the other side of the basement.  The dining chairs that go with the table went in the crawl space.  I put the cases of bottled cider together.  I moved the empty bottles with the other ones.  I shifted carboys (I'm strong enough to pick them up!  Yay!)  I bagged trash.  By the end of the day you could go all the way around the central column of the house again.  AND we started racking the carboys.

Then yesterday I realized that trash day (today,) will be July.  July is a bulk pickup month!  While the archers were shooting, I took all the big stuff from the basement to the curb.  SO exciting.  Then I moved the lumber around to free the Bilco door.  We have one thing to move, and we are ready for water heater! I am beside myself.

So maybe now this week I can work on MY space in my sewing room.

This weekend, I'm going to see what we can throw away from the garage!
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