kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Yarn... what to do about the yarn...

I describe myself as an indifferent knitter.  My attention span isn't good, and knitting is the one thing I've found where I can't multitask.  I'm either counting the pattern, or I'm not.  That annoys me (I'm usually doing at least two things.)  I also just don't have the patience for making gauge swatches or paying attention through a whole sweater.  So I knit scarves, mittens, that sort of thing.  Just about when I'm bored... I'm done.

But here's the thing... what should I do with the leftover partial skeins of yarn?  I can't keep storing it - it's getting out of hand (says the woman who went to the Webs tent sale yesterday...)  Throw it away?  That's horrifying, and in the case of some of the truly beautiful things I've gotten at Webs, feels wasteful.

See, this is the problem with being a quilter.  It predisposes you to look at tiny quantities and say "I could make something out of that."

I'm tidying up the sewing room.  This happens every time I clean that room.  But it gets more organized (and I let go of more clutter) every time.

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