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Before and After

Can anyone tell that I'm not getting a lot of work done today?  I'll probably go mute for a month after this.

Don't get your hopes up.

Remember I was blathering at great length about stripping the wallpaper behind the washer and dryer, building new doors, etc., and that I was going to put pictures up Real Soon Now?

It's now!

First, the before.  Oh, the humanity.  Dark walnut stained cabinets, poorly made out of dimensional grade lumber.  Silly twirly latch in the middle.  Dark red, small-scale floral wallpaper.  These are the washer and dryer that came with the house - those went to the curb immediately.


After!  As you can see, we just added a cat, and Presto!  everything was improved!  The wallpaper is gone - that was the easy part.  These cabinets, unlike the kitchen, got painted on the inside too.  New doors - these two were the biggest of all of the doors that we made.  New hardware, and if you look carefully under the cabinets there are four LED under cabinet lights courtesy of IKEA.  It's a much nicer place to do laundry now.

Next I should get pictures of the guest room.  I "finished" it months ago...


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Dec. 22nd, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
That's much brighter & more cheerful, to be sure. I especially like the way the cat compliments the creamy cabinet doors...very stylish.

The new appliances are GREAT for energy efficiency too. Since we have replaced everything in this house (even got a low water-use toilet) we've cut our energy & water bills in half.
Dec. 22nd, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, my friend Sue and I have noted that Siamese seem to have a very good instinct for color-coordinating with their environment. They're very fashion conscious. :-) It took me the longest time to get a picture of him up there - he was sure that he wasn't allowed, and kept running away.

That washer and dryer are new to the house, but not to me. They came with us from Middletown. So while I don't *think* they're energy star, they're certainly more energy efficient than the 1979 era set that were here! Both the new dishwasher and the new fridge are energy star, and when replacement time comes the range, washer and dryer will be also. It's very worthwhile.

We don't have a water bill per se, being on a well - but the well pump does hit our electric bill, so it's worth conserving water. The toilets are fairly new, so those won't go until we start hitting major remodeling. That's a few years down the road.

The next thing I want to investigate is composting. I'm trying to really reduce what I put to the curb.
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