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Things at school that make me grumpy

Elementary school these days baffles me.  Mind you, I barely remember much of anything prior to third grade, but it seems pretty different.  I'm fairly certain we weren't doing math at this level, and we were spending a lot more time on handwriting.  But that's not my gripe.

Two things are really under my skin these days.  One is the rewards for reading.  She's supposed to write down how many minutes she reads each day, and then turn in the calendar at the end of the month.  Since she does a lot of her reading at Fun Club after school, we have no way to capture that, which is problematic.  But that's not my gripe either.  My gripe is the reward.  They get coupons for a slice of free pizza at Pizza Hut.

I know - end of the world, right?  But it's problematic. For one thing, it's no place we *ever* go - so now I have a kid all excited about a coupon that won't ever be redeemed.  The other problem is that while I'm as far as you can get from serving a fantastic, healthy diet, we DO try to avoid too much crap - and that stuff is crap.  If we're going to get pizza and eat badly, we're going to get good pizza and eat badly.  I'm just not keen on using processed fast food as a reward.

The other gripe though, is really pissing me off.  They're doing an American Heart Association fund raiser at the school.  Seems like a fantastic cause and all that, but I'm REALLY angry about being blackmailed via my six-year-old.  Because it's all tiered rewards of special rubber ducks based on dollar amounts collected, and how you collect it.  So it's one duck for collecting any amount over $5.  Then there's a different duck if you get any online donations.  Then other ducks if you hit other dollar amounts.  And of course they're winding the kids up to "collect" all the ducks, which translates to whining at home that they don't have the ones the other kids have.  Of course all "they" have to do to "earn" them is to have mommy and daddy take the forms in to work - and of course you also have to set up a web page so that you can hit up all your relatives too, and get the ninja duck - and not so incidentally give them your email for future reference.

I have nothing against the AHA, but this sort of procedure makes me livid.  With great reluctance I wrote them a check for $5 so that she wouldn't be the only kid in class without a duck.  I'm not giving a professional fund-raising organization my email.  I am precluded by company policy from soliciting, and I imagine Bob is also.  In my case, being in legal means being held to a higher standard, as we're the ones MAKING these rules.

I have enough to cram into the time I spend with Charlotte without having to argue with her about ducks.  It may be an effective methodology, but I find it reprehensible
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