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Last Month's Project

I did an award document for Birka.  I didn't really want to, and I didn't really have time to, but it seemed bad form to turn down the new Signet the first time.

I didn't have any persona information per se, but her registered name was "of Ramisgate."  Ramisgate is in England, and they only used that particular spelling for a portion of the 13th century.  You don't register names with the college of arms randomly, so I ran with that.  I ended up with the Golden Psalter of Munich, which was made in (likely) Oxford in the early 13th century.

I made one grievous layout error, but it's mostly invisible if you're not looking for it.  All things being equal, I think it came out fairly well, although I did have some angst about whether the recipient would be disappointed by the scope of the piece.  I sent along the documentation so that she could see what I was trying to do.  Hopefully it got to her.

Here's my piece:

Lucie Lovegood of Ramisgate SC

And here is the exemplar.
Golden Psalter of Munich 86R
Tags: sca, scribal

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