kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I was NOT going to be a string person

When I started in the SCA in 1987, I dabbled in embroidery before calligraphy and illumination reared its head and took over my life.  That was the last attachment that crafts involving string had on me.  At some point as people around me started doing tangly things with string around me, I looked at it, looked at all the other things I was involved with, and made a conscious decision that I was NOT going to become a string person.  I didn't have enough time.  I didn't have enough money.  I DID have cats.  Ergo - no string for me.

I worked very hard to maintain that for almost thirty years.

Then vynehorn took me to a weaving day, and the house of cards crumbled around my ears.

I might have been able to convince myself that this isn't a "string" thing - it's a mechanical thing.  I just like elegant machines, and making fancy patterns with a loom is fun.  But yesterday... yesterday was the nail in the coffin.  I ordered a book, and it came in the mail.

I took delivery of my own copy of "Techniques of Sprang" by Peter Collingwood.  At the horrible used-book prices that volume is currently commanding (I actually found one in good shape that wasn't terrible, but it WAS three digits to the left of the decimal.)  Because I have lost faith in it ever being reprinted, and I want to play with sprang.

My name is Eloise, and I am a string person.  It has been one day since my last string purchase...
Tags: books, sca, weaving

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