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So, I've been too damn busy to chat about this, but here it is...

I have a loom.

Last week, on the 30th, Elizabeth of Rivenstar posted that her buyer had fallen through, and her four harness Harrisville floor loom was for sale again.  Last time I missed it by a matter of minutes.  This time I didn't.  She asked if I could do PayPal.  I offered cash.  She offered to drop it off on New Year's eve.  Like I was going to say "no..."

Is it the loom that I've been drooling over?  No.  Will it get me going?  Yes.  Will it do everything I currently aspire to?  Yes.  Was $400 better than $3,000?  HELL YES.

It took everything I had not to blow off my own party and go play with my new toy.  But I was good.  Then yesterday I had to go in to the office, and we had family over when I got home.  I was good.  After they left I sat down with the calculation forms that they gave me at Webs, and did some math.  Then I read through the warping instructions, and because it's been a couple of years, confused the hell out of myself.  Then I went out and found that Webs has a tutorial on YouTube of the warping class that vynehorn and I took two or three years ago, and I unconfused myself.

So now I'm just waiting for the space heater to have pumped enough heat into the sewing room for me to work without my hands going numb, and I'm going to put a small warp on so that we can get to know each other.

I am SO stinking excited about this it's not funny.  I think there's a lot of twill in my future, and lots of people are going to be getting twill towels for Christmas next year.  I also think that Webs is going to be seeing more of my Visa card...

Because, you know, I needed another hobby.

Remember, I was never going to be a string person...
Tags: weaving

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