kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

More notes for New Year's Eve

No, I didn't need to make a pie.  :-)

Drinks: we went through four bottles of red, one bottle of hard cider, two sparking grape juice, one sparkling cider, one sparkling pear juice, a two liter of ginger ale, most of a Dr. Pepper and bits and bobs of other things.

Putting the hot cider on the table with the food and *taking the lid off* increased consumption.

Make less soup.  Seriously.  Times three is probably fine.  But on that note, bringing the crock up to warm with water and putting the lid on catty-wampus worked perfectly.  The soup stayed hot and silky all night.  I guarantee that it will break when I reheat it, but such is life.

Make less roast.  Even if it runs out, there's lots of other food.

The chili was a hit.  I was wrong.

Think seriously about adding some more tableware.  Four more plates, if nothing else.

Forty pounds of ice.

Doing the Yorkshire pudding in two batches was perfect.
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