kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Wouldn't it be nice

If the East Kingdom servers ever worked consistently?  The damn site has been a rolling disaster for years now, and it's beyond frustrating.  Not to mention that the insistence that the kingdom has to own EVERYTHING - local websites, discussion groups, email addressess, et al, means that when it goes down EVERYTHING goes down.  It's been how many months, and I'm STILL not re-subscribed to the polling order discussion lists.  This morning I can't access law, or my own barony's website.

The fancier the back-end people make it, the less useful it becomes to the end users - and whenever I've talked to anyone about it, I hear all about wonderful the back end structure is.  Great.  Good for you.  But when I speak to anyone not involved with the site, they're all ripping their hair out also. I think I'm going to pay the upcharge to go back to a paper subscription when my membership re-ups, because this is ridiculous.

I'm a huge fan of technology, but not for it's own sake.

Okay, back to cleaning.
Tags: rant, sca

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