kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Yule Progress

Gift for Bergental - check (or will be checked tomorrow.  They're so close to done as to make no difference.

Gift for the royals - I have all the pieces.

Cookies for the ring sublety - butter is out on the counter.  It would help if there were any clean, flat surfaces in my kitchen to work on.  Apparently I need 256 of the damn things.  This is going to suck this year.

Boar's head - can't even think about that until Wednesday at the earliest.  I don't like having the meat hang around ahead of time.  I hope ground pork has a good price this year.

Mend banners - soon.  Real soon now.

Court - (snort) still trying to invent some business.  Apathy still abounds.

AoA document - lined out.  This one needs lots of words.  Lots and lots and lots of words.  Blegh.  The research took FOREVER this time, but execution should go quick.  I despise early period layouts - why am I doing so many of them lately?  WTF?

Clean up library for overnight company - LOL.  Yeah.  I'll probably be doing that while she's walking in the door.

New salter - almost done.  Need to stop at Michaels for a part, paint, and put it all together.  If it gets done, I'll be very excited.

I do NOT have my act together this year.  But it'll be fine.
Tags: bbm, sca, yule

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