kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Gee Santa, that's not what I thought you would look like...

Let me set the scene...

We have one of those long contiguous rooms that is mostly a kitchen with a dining room at one end - they're separate rooms by virtue of the fact that the flooring changes.  The interior wall of this room is the central chimney stack.  On the kitchen half of the stack is the woodstove.  To the left of the woodstove in the dining room part of the stack is the fireplace (whose name is Ziggy.)

Currently, pending the arrival of 20 or so fire bricks to line the bottom and protect the ash trap, Ziggy is serving as a wood repository for the woodstove.  Wood, fresh in from the outdoors is the source of many interesting smells that the cats must investigate.  Leading to continual repetitions of the only-in-my-house phrase "Becket, get out of the fireplace."

There were several instances of this last night as I was feeding the stove it's overnight load of wood.

Me:  "Becket, get out of the fireplace."  "Becket, OUT of the fireplace."  "Damn it Becket..."

Bob: "What?"

Me: "Becket's back in Ziggy.... or at least I thought he was.  There were rustling noises...  Huh.  I guess he was somewhere else.  Did you see him go past?  Where did he get to..."

At this point, the cat jumped down out of the CHIMNEY.  Thump.  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.  When we had the lock top dampers installed, the regular dampers came out.  Apparently he climbed the wood and hopped up into the throat of the chimney.  So I guess we need to remember to count the cats before we lay a fire...

Here's the boy himself.  Can you tell that I just got around to downloading the camera?


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