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A child's eyes - part 5 and last

This brings us to breakdown.  Breaking down the common area and kitchen in our camp is a community exercise.  I contribute to it by working on my own tent, and signing Bob over to the camp.  He basically works exclusively on common area, and I work on our stuff (and lend a hand when needed.)  So far it seems to work for everyone.  No one has complained, and with my back I'm basically useless for heavy lifting.  So basically, Bob was off lifting and toting, I was sorting and packing, and Charlotte was left to her own devices, as long as they kept her out from under anyone's feet.

The kitchen coming down, as seen from the far side of our fly.  Let me tell you - that 18 quart brazing pan in the first picture is one of the best things that I've brought to Pennsic in a long time.  It increased my capacity to make dumplings the night that it was my turn to make dinner, and my camp mates approved of more dumplings.
Going back to her roots, so to speak.
Still life of mommy's iced tea.
But it would really be more interesting if we added daddy's wine glass.
Of course, the wine glass is pretty interesting all by itself.
I have to admit, the way the hardware for the stools works IS pretty interesting.  Look - there's another nut on the other side.

By the way - if anyone knows what that metal piece is called, and/or where I can buy the hardware, I'd love to know.
My mom used to work for Duracell - other than the logo being upside down, I'm sure that the marketing department would be pleased to be a part "Still Life with Batteries."
I have the horrifying suspicion that this is a picture of my ass.
Lions and tygers and bears - yum!  I admit - I was bribing her with cookies to stay out of the way.
Better logo shot.  Still upside down, though.  But who's to understand art?
I call this series "Lantern with Detritus."
Is it the color?  Is it the texture?  Is it just that the ground doesn't move while you're trying to take a picture of it?  We'll never know.
I'm not sure whose butt that is.  It does however serve to remind me that in her world, she's looking at people's bums all day, and that I should make more of an effort to get down there to spend time with her.
I actually don't know if she took this picture.  It's framed awfully well, but she's been able to do that from time to time.  So I don't know.  Gerta was fantastic about letting Charlotte chatter at her while we were all working.  My whole CAMP is fantastic about having Charlotte there.  I guess it's kind of like grandkids - it's fun while it's fun, and when it's not fun anymore you hand them back.
I think it's reasonable to assume that Gerta took these.
Look - the kitchen is gone!  You didn't used to be able to look over into the West Kingdom like that.
One of these days we'll actually PUT something in that portable hole.  I wonder what she thinks it's for?
Our new bucket - it's a hand-me-down.  It was waxed at one point - anyone have any input on getting that out, or even if I should?
Elsa, the fairy bear.  It's the one thing she really wanted all Pennsic.  When we got to the end of the week and she was STILL talking about the fairy bears, I figured that was "the toy" for the war.  I would have liked to have held it for her birthday, but I wanted to let her pick out the one she wanted.
Someone gave her this little wind-up guy.  The picture cracked me up.
She won this pen at the archery range.  She was clearly photo-documenting her treasures.
She was VERY excited about her stars and stripes flip-flops.  I don't generally approve of flip-flops because they're bad for your feet, but it's the logical solution for slippery shower floors.  I thought she'd like those, because she's very into the flag right now.  The two songs that she sings incessantly are "Let it Go," and the "Star Spangled Banner."  It's an odd combination.
I made a note to myself for next year that while the amount of Gatorade on my standard shopping list seems scant, really - don't buy an extra one, because you'll just haul it home.
Oh, hi Lance.

So, that's it.  The next picture in the camera was Becket in the chair at home, so that was the last photo she took at Pennsic before the camera was put in a safe place.

It's been interesting for me to look through these.  One thing that's happened is that I'm making sure to ask her if she wants to bring the camera places - and next year I'll leave it accessible after the pack and load.  It's reminded me that she looks at the world from a different perspective - both conceptual and literal.  The world looks different when you're only 43" tall!  I'm also resolved to download her camera more often!

So, for those of you who stayed with me through all of this - hope it was amusing.  There's no prize for making it to the end, other than whatever insight or entertainment you may have taken from it.  They've been fun to post, and I hope they were fun to look at.
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