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A child's eyes - part 4

Yep - still going.

Home sweet home, and a pretty good picture of it.  Again - where the heck was I when this was happening.  Also - no, we didn't lose a rope - the fly was tipped to shed rain.

The next pictures are of her other fan, and her flashlight.  A zooming in series.  I know where I was this time - that's my foot in the background, and I assume that I'm attached to it.  I really need proper stockings.
It took a while for me to figure out the last one, and I got it through context - that's looking through the fan screen, really close.

Looking across the lake at Casa Bardicci.  We went down there because *I* wanted to take some pictures across the lake.  I guess she figured if it's good for Mommy...  What I find interesting is I like the framing of hers better.  I need to start looking at the world from lower down.

Mommy and Daddy standing around talking?  Picture time!  It was breakdown Friday.

Look - grass!
Details.  I don't notice a lot of this stuff.
I never did figure out the porta-potty obsession.  After she took that one, I had this conversation:
"Are you taking pictures of the porta potties?"
"Because I want to." (Imagine a matter-of-fact tone.)
A purer reason to take a picture has never been voiced.
Next up - camp breakdown.  It was a drama free year, so it was a good year to document.