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Pennsic - the week

Since setup went so well on Friday, we were all set to hit the ground running on Saturday.  Naturally, I had a list of classes as long as my arm, but then I had what I thought was a better idea.  For the last few years it seems like Bob and I go our separate ways, and we don’t ever spend any time together just spending time together.  By the time we get to it, it’s Friday and half of Pennsic is broken down.  So I suggested that we blow off other plans for the day and just wander around as a family.  Do a merchant crawl, talk with people, walk around – no structured activities.  They went for it, so we got dressed and wandered out of camp.

Mind you, it was “wandered” with a value of “headed straight for thatpotteryguy’s booth before the last of the really good stuff was gone.”  I know that Eadric will hold the heavy stuff for me until I pass back the other way, so it makes sense to go there first.  As we got there, someone tried to cut in between his booth and another (next to the racks of pottery) and tripped over a tent rope to almost disastrous results.  That set off a conversation about how to discourage this in the future, and one of the suggestions was to move the wooden cart over between the tents to block the way through.  The problem with this idea, apparently, was that then people might not realize that the cart was for sale.


“Eadric… tell me about the cart…”

It’s a nice cart.  It’s wood, two wheels, looks damn good, and the best part?  It breaks and folds down to a size that I’m told fits in the trunk of a Honda Civic.  At $150 for this paragon of virtue, I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough.  A cart/wagon has been on my Pennsic projects list for five or so years now, so I WIN.  But yeah, I trashed my Pennsic budget in the first hour.


We pretty much roamed for Saturday, and it was a good day.

Sunday was Opening Ceremonies, yet again up against Reconstructing Archeological Textiles.  Sigh.  My hope is that she’ll just keep offering it, and the year that I’m no longer Baroness, I’m taking that class.  In the meantime, I muster.  We had six people come out and march with the barony this year – and sadly, that’s doing well.  Naturally, it rained.  Last year I had to stay in camp because Charlotte folded like a cheap lawn chair, and it was lovely.  Year before, I went and it rained.  Feeling a bit persecuted here.  So we marched the two blocks from royal to the truck garage, and stood around on the concrete listening to Charlie Brown’s relatives.  About when we were done, it stopped raining, of course.  I was able to catch a great class on 14th century accessories (which reminds me that I owe the instructor an email.)  I think that was the day that Bob and I perfected our child-swap technique.  He brought her to his class, and as mine ended I swung by and picked her up.  It worked really well.

Monday was a fantastic day for me.  It’s like Bob was trying to make up for the last four years all in one shot, because he was wonderful about helping out.  I had a grownup day, and crammed in some neat classes: Beginning Reed Basketmaking (I’m going to keep taking classes until I get it), Egg Tempera Panel Painting (Parts 1), and a class about linings for gothic fitted gowns.

Was it Tuesday that it rained?  I don’t recall well.  I know that it rained in the afternoon, because I was practically blown into Dosalena’s booth for the second half of the tempera painting class.  Also that day we tag-teamed the parenting and got Charlotte to the Medieval Pinwheels class.  I’d sent Bob off to the range in the morning, and when the bus ran late I started the class.  He came in halfway through, and I went back to camp for some papers I’d forgotten to bring.  When I got back, she was galloping around the courtyard with her pinwheel and literally squealing with glee.  Time well spent.  We went and discussed some commission work with Future Relics, and then I headed over for part 2 of tempera painting – at which I suck.

I think that Tuesday was also the evening that Katerina introduced us to a horrible game called “Cards Against Humanity” which is subtitled “a party game for horrible people.”  I think the game went for over four hours.  I think I need a set.

Wednesday was the second adult day that Bob carved out for me.  I got 14th -15th Century Women’s Hairstyles and Veils (very cool, although lacking in ideas of what to do if your natural hair is deficient), Spice Up Your Sleeves (which wasn’t bad, but I was a bit disappointed – I’d hoped for more useful information), and Beginning Coiled Basket-Making, which ROCKED.  I’m going to *teach* that technique!  We also did a fly-by at the Known World Baronial Rapier Champions Tournament to introduce Grimolfr, but weren’t able to stay.  The kid’s leather pouch making class was full when they got there, but Bob got instructions, and I’m betting that Auntie Camma can help us do something with that at home.

Wednesday was also court.  That for which practical information was sadly lacking.  Not as badly as last year, but there were a LOT of trips back and forth to determine that no one had a handle on the practical matters (like, when should the barons bring their stuff up; and where should it go?)  Bob did all the walking back and forth, and what do you know?  This year we had a cart to haul the chairs.  Hurray!  We took An Dubhaigeainn’s up also, which is only fair since they hauled ours last year.  I packed a pack basket with water and munchies and things for Charlotte, and off we went – and stood around waiting and milling.  But that’s to be expected, and the company was good.  At this moment, let us all spare a moment of sympathy for Rowan Cloteworthy, who was attempting to herd the landed barons of the East into some sort of line (not terribly difficult) and keep them there (extremely difficult.)  People kept wandering off – although in hindsight, lining us up next to the keg was possibly not the best idea.

“Two hours” my ass.  I was apprehensive about a two hour court.  I figured it would run over.  If I had ANY idea it would go to FOUR f-ing hours, I would have turned Pennsic upside down and shaken it for a baby-sitter, midnight madness or not.  In hindsight, I know what I should have done.  I should have gone out with the order at the first laurel to greet the new one; kept going and done my shopping; and then come back in with the last Pelican as though I’d been there all along.  No one except Bob and Charlotte would have noticed.  I’m going to remember that for next year.  I guess it was a good court?  To be honest, I went a little numb after the first two hours.  I did spend one peerage helping His Grace Kenric strip all the arrows out of Peter the Red’s quiver.  That was fun.  The best part is that he blamed my husband.  That was pretty awesome.

Court let out at 11:00, and I was bracing to load up everything that had to go back to camp – and An Dubhaigeainn descended on us like some sort of useful tornado.  Someone asked me about the cart, and I pointed it out.  Then people would point at things and ask “is that going back to camp?” and if I said “yes” it disappeared.  Up to and including the basket on my arm that Jean Xavier took away from me.  I was left in a bare spot with a husband and child, and nothing to carry.  That was NICE.  Since midnight madness was more or less done at that point, we hit two merchants that I’d wanted to see on the way back to camp, and just wrote the rest of it off.  It was a bit of a shame, since this was the first year that Charlotte was really old enough to take out in it for a little while.  Oh well.  Next year.

So… Thursday?  On Thursday I had a guilt attack and cut Bob loose for the morning and early afternoon.  He’d been being fantastic about getting me to classes, and I figured he’d want some time at the range.  So Charlotte and I headed off to a class on Viking treasure necklaces, and a tent full of eager small children.  You can all imagine how much I loved that.  At about ten past, I wandered over to the point to allow as to how the instructor hadn’t shown.  They went about tracking her down, and came over to inform us that she wasn’t coming, so we were cancelled.  However – there’s a children’s dance class right around the corner.  So most of our class descended on that class, and much fun was had by all.  It was a fantastic save on the part of the university staff.


Afterwards, we did the kid swap, and I went to a class on making etched copper needlecases – which also rocked.  Another one I’m going to teach.  I just need to get myself a big jug of acid…

While I was playing with acid, Bob took Charlotte to a hood making class for kids, where she helped him sew a bubble-gum pink hood that I'm loathe to let her wear.  Then he took her up to shoot the war point.  She got three points!  That’s my girl.


Thursday night we went down to Casa Bardicci for the hoity toity party.  It’s nice to have patron tokens.  :-D  Bob picked up our babysitter at dark and we went down for a little while – I don’t last the way I used to.  We got there in time for the baroness of An Dubhaigeainn and I to score a comfy bench and people watch – and we were there before the crowd got too bad.  It’s fun to go to for a while, but once it gets crowded I don’t care for it as much.  We stayed to see Wolgemut perform, and headed back shortly thereafter – probably about 11:00.  The walk back from Bardicci is always a bit of a trip down memory lane – the years when we used to walk the camp at night, and the years living on Runestone.  Also, the last few years I’ve insisted on going home UP Servant’s Path – just to see if I can.  When I was nineteen I would bounce up and down Runestone hill all day (on a road that isn’t even THERE any more) and never notice. 

Friday, of course, is pack down.  That went pretty well.  I feel like I actually contributed to it this year instead of just handing them Bob to use (which I also did.)  That went really smoothly, with a minimum of camp drama.  Again, like setup, I attribute it to the temperate weather.  After helping knock down the kitchen, I started packing up the innards of our tent, and that also went fairly smoothly.  Someone in camp made a comment about their bed, and I had the bright idea to knock down the bed and sleep that night with the mattress on the ground – that way we could load the trailer on Friday.  So I hooked up the trailer and brought it up to the side of the tent and loaded as I broke down.  By the evening, I had the trailer all ready to go except for the mattress and the camp chairs we were sitting on.  I ended up staying up later than I wanted because the guys didn’t want to haul the firewood back to storage and we burned all of it.  There were marshmallows and fun company, and I didn’t go to bed until it just got too cold to be outside.  It was a nice way to wind down the week.

Still to come – departure and wrap up.
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