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Timing is everything

A couple of weeks before Pennsic, I sent an email to EZPass inquiring about towing.  For Pennsic, I tow a one-axle trailer and we cross the Newburgh-Beacon bridge.  Outbound isn't an issue, but there's a toll on the return trip.  I usually pay the toll with EZPass and I always panic Sunday morning when I remember that I have one axle more than usual.  So this year I was proactive and asked them how to handle it well before we got on the road.

I got an answer this morning.  Isn't that handy?

For the record, you can tow on your existing tag (in New York,) if you have the license plate of the trailer listed on your account.  Except on the Thruway where you have to go through the manned booths and pay the upcharge in cash.