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I needed a compliment today...

In my weekly pantheon of self-abuse that's good for me, Tuesday's class is cardio kick-boxing - the only one I actually enjoy (the visualizations are great.)  Today we had a substitute teacher, and the lady who filled in is one of those super-thin, super-fit, super-upbeat types who make me feel fat, unattractive, and old just by her very existence.  But, given that I blew off the treadmill yesterday, I soldiered on.

I feel like wrung out, overcooked spaghetti.  But I digress.

At the end of class as I was refilling my water bottle, she walked over and said "I just wanted to tell you that you have great beat - most people don't."  I must have squinted at her oddly, because she clarified to comment "You're always on the time, and you do a fabulous job of modifying and staying on beat with it.  Generally people aren't able to do both."

Huh.  Who would have known that thirty years later, fourteen years of marching band would garner me a compliment?  I'm rather enjoying that - and kind of wishing I could tell Mr. Cotton, who drilled us until we could march routines in our sleep.