kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Need some help, here

Geez - I'm up to once a month.  I guess that's movement in the right direction.  I'm just otherwise too busy to breathe.  Not a good feeling.  I'll catch up on that later.

At any rate - here's the thing.  Charlotte is intrigued by the kids at school playing band instruments, and has asked about playing an instrument.  I can get *entirely* behind that - and since two hundred years ago I used to play, I can even help.

So, where do I get a decent quality, reasonably priced recorder?  I'm thinking soprano, because I never learned to read in any key but C.  For that matter, *I* could use a decent quality, reasonably priced recorder (soprano or tenor.)  I want wood, but plastic is plenty good for the short one.
Tags: charlotte, music

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