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Really? Are people REALLY that stupid?

Full disclosure - I'm damn close to a Luddite.  I'm perfectly happy to use technology as both a tool and a toy, but there are WAY too many people out there who appear to be perfectly happy to turn their brain over to their device.  Why think for yourself when there's an app for that?

I just read an article about how for the last year and a half some poor woman in Pennsylvania has been turning away drivers from her driveway on a *clearly marked* dead end road (and it amuses me that one of the signs at the front gate reads "Due to price increases on ammunition, do not expect warning shot" - and they ignore that subtle hint), because Apple Maps says that it's the best way to get to the ski area at Roundtop Mountain.  And they ARGUE with her.  But that's not the part that knots my knickers.

No - that came in the comments section.  I really have to stop reading internet comments.  They make me weep for humanity.  One of them said in part:

"Google maps on the cellphone seems to be a little more on the ball, when I have 3g or 4g available... but not really a full-time option until they coume out with an offline maps edition."

Hey moron - there IS a full time, offline edition.  It's called *RAND-MCNALLEY.*  They sell them in in bookstores and gas stations and even online, and they work with any platform or operating system.

Oh my God, I drive on the same highways with these idiots...



Mar. 11th, 2014 04:34 am (UTC)
I have had to help several people every year with the fact that North Road in Groton is no longer a through road, and hasn't been since before we moved to Groton over 16 years ago. For some reason the a lot of the GPS systems never received that particular update.

The new thing for the online maps is to have everyone use a private road to get to us from 117. I'm sure if a tree blocked the main road, the owners wouldn't mind us using their drive, but it's NOT a public road, and I'm not even sure it's paved the whole way.